This two-year-old just became youngest American member of Mensa

I had an IQ test at a relatively young age. It was sometime in early elementary school and to get me into the gifted program. I don’t think that my parents would have done it otherwise but it served its purpose. As I remember, it involved a lot of shape manipulation and probably could have been done by someone pre-literate.


there’s a strange irony in an organization based on, well, statistical exceptionalism, embracing racism. what appeal would there be in a Certified Smart Person identifying with the lumpenproles of their own race?

nowadays when literally anyone can fairly easily discuss any subject they want online at a graduate level, Mensa seems pretty much obsolete. why filter on a statistical correlate when you can just uh go talk to people?

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I am shocked, shocked that an organization founded on the premise that its members are inherently and irrevocably superior to others would attract people who embrace racist ideas.


I took the same type of test for the same reason when I was six, but I remember there being a lot more back and forth conversation. They didn’t give an IQ score; it was just a matter of gifted or not, which makes sense.

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A lil short on personnel?

The only reason I can think of is checking to see if they are neurotypical or neurodiverse.


gotta put everybody in the proper category


Is this the Sanders Theater at Harvard? Because that would be doubly embarrassing.

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Kids these days are amazing.

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