This urologist has a perfect name


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His colleague Dr. Steve Hardman is still practicing with him. Unfortunately, Dr. Lester Wang recently left their practice.


something, something I.P. Freeley


If I remember correctly, there used to be an orthopedist in Wichita, Kansas by the name of Bonebrake.


And then there is a corrosion engineer named Rusty Strong.


Nominative Determinism in action.


Near the town where I grew up there were two doctors, an orthodontist name Dr. Footer and a podiatrist named Dr. Toothaker


My urologist asked if he could examine me and I said, “Sure, doc, have a ball!”

He laughed lightly and said, “Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.”


I think it’s funny!


No kidding, the urologist that performed my vasectomy was named Dr. Mangleson. My wife thought it was a hoot to tease me about getting ‘mangled’ when I went in for the procedure.


I live in Austin, and yep, he’s real. A lot of my wife’s co-workers have visited him.

Austin also has (had) Dr Root the dentist and Dr Casanova the OB/GYN.


Thank you! I’ll be here all week! Please tip your waiter!

Seriously though he did help me beat testicular cancer. I just wish I’d thought of that line when he was asking my approval to perform an orchiectomy.


No relation to their practices, but I did have pediatric urologist named Dr. Burpee. We also had an insurance salesman in our neighborhood named Tittsworth.


I can actually vouch for him. He was my urologist here in Austin for my Vasectomy several years back. Did a great job. No swimmers since then.

10/10 - would chop again


My birth certificate says I was delivered by Dr. Jim Stork. So that might be worth a laugh.


Two of the toughest, meanest PE coaches I ever met worked at my junior high school. Coach Balsz and Coach Hiscok. Never failed to amuse the 7th graders: “If you can’t find Balsz, just look for Hiscok.”

I think I would have chosen any other line of work had I been saddled with either of those names.


Among the more unfortunate, but not work-related, family names I have encountered are Astiger and Throldahl.


My shop teacher in 7th grade: Mrs. Nail. The other shop teacher at the school? Mr. Hit.

Mrs. Nail. Mr. Hit.
I. Not. You. Shit.


I guess I should be a politician.


Dick Chopp sounds more like a mohel to me…