This viral campaign video for a progressive New York Democratic primary challenger cost less than $10K and spread like wildfire

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The good news about a victory of someone like Trump is that buying into a charismatic huckster means that people are hungry for authenticity in leadership, so much so that millions of dollars of slick advertising can’t compete. The bad news is that people aren’t always the best at discerning authenticity from convincing acting, especially if they’re so hungry that almost everything looks like a walking drumstick. I hope charismatic-good people (like Ocasio-Cortez appears to be) can actually manage to fill this void, because as we’ve seen from history, charismatic-evil manages to do quite well in these conditions.


That was nicely done and she didn’t walk away from anything - her heritage, progressive stances, calling out establishment dems. I’m sure her democrat opponent will be frothing at the mouth spewing hatred and backed by the e$tablishment party machine.

Primaries are always important. Get this woman in office!


This is the other, more hopeful lesson that you can take from the success of the tiny fingered orange one.

Paid ads might be good, but there’s nothing more cost effective than free media attention and viral content.


We need her and hundreds more like her.


I’m voting for her and I don’t even live there. She hit it right on the head though. The situation we find ourselves is not about race or ethnicity, it’s about wealth and having and not having. The repugs created the southern strategy to exploit racist fears of ignorant white folk and boy, did they take the bait. Instead of voting for their own economic and social interests that would lift all boats, a vast percentage of white folks vote on their racist views alone. So, who are the ones being stupid and ignorant? It’s not the brown folks who vote their interests.


I don’t live in NY but she has my vote!!!

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Hell yeah Bronx.

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She’s running a really impressive ground game too — I live in the heart of Crowley country, in Queens, and her visually arresting, appealing “Rosie the Rieveter”-esque posters are up everywhere.

Ah, she has a Pride version too!


As someone who lived and worked in da Bronx 30 years ago and loved the place, I sincerely hope this young woman kicks pastyboy right in the ballot box. Enough.

Shout out to the Bronx’s little Italy area, just west of da Zoo where I used to work. Man the food there…


Roger That!

Please get folks you know to register and vote! My family does this daily, it does work and we can change this country.


Interesting; not “us against them” but “us against money”. That puts it rather succinctly, but I wince internally at the thought that the money still stands a pretty good chance of winning. But I’m pulling for her, even if I don’t live in NY and can’t contribute my vote.


I hope she wins, but the video shoot has not been successful yet. The only measurement of success that matters is at the ballot box. Candidates spend so much money on high-priced consultants who produce boring, safe videos because, so far, that is what has resulted in getting elected. I would be thrilled if that’s no longer true, but we don’t know that yet.


It’s a nice ad. I mean it’s not at the level of demonic sheep or glaring at the camera quietly for an uncomfortably long time after tossing a boulder into a pond but it’s got other qualities I admire.


The most compelling reason to vote I have seen in years. I hope she is elected.

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Fuck yeah. Bring on the uprising that kicks the scum out of the Democratic party, so they’re actually democratic.

Burn the filth.

Fingers crossed, but I lived in NY for a few years, and they really like their politicians corrupt there. She’s way too honest to appeal to NY voters.

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