This was the first US mainstream television commercial featuring a gay couple


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So - gay people buy furniture? Huh…


I’m as shocked as you are.


Yeah, we totally do.


What else might gay people buy? Could there possible be a market of some sort for companies?


Mostly furniture, curtains and sometimes cakes but that shit gets political fast for some reason.

We do get free toaster ovens though.


Reminds me - I need a new toaster oven, need to do some recruiting.


Tell me your secret!


The punch line?

Those are actors. They may not really be gay at all. You phoned in a bomb threat because an actor acted. For thirty seconds.


It took until 1994!? Damn, we’re still in the dark ages.


Presumably GAY furniture.



Welcome to the focused gaze of Sauron, gays and lesbians! Wait. Did I say Sauron? I meant “Madison Avenue”. Oops. I’m so looking forward to the day when they learn to speak to bisexuals; those commercials, like our low low prices, are going to be insane!

Ah, the good old mid-90s, when the threats of mass killings over some stranger’s sexuality were more likely symbolic and less often literal.

I can’t imagine they were expecting the actors to be caught in the store at the time of the threat. They were just hoping their act of externalized homophobia would scare the queer folk away from the Swedish meatballs. Or something. I don’t have a strong enough understanding of the people who do these things to actually figure them out.

“A gay couple shopping for IKEA furniture!? GRRRR! Where’s my phonebook? Time for my fingers to do some bombing!”

Looking around, I’m not sure if we are “still in” or “returning to”.


Can trans people be grandfathered in to that sweet toaster oven deal?


Facebook is still my favorite startup disaster, it’s much more apocalyptic, theranos is trainwreck quality disaster.


it’s true! we buy LOTS of things, and we like all kinds of alcohol a lot, too. just like, you know, basically EVERYONE. this commercial could air today. good on IKEA for taking a stand back when it was still risky to do so.

sometimes when i start to feel a little discouraged i think back to how things used to be (not very long ago!), and realize just how quickly some major progress has been made. then i feel better.


All gay couples have matching Jerry Seinfeld hair.


"“what else might they buy…could there be a market of some kind…?”
It’s called The Marketplace.
The place where we buy stuff.




Of course I knew that!


The minds of fundie Xtian terrorists (but I repeat myself) are too clouded by programmed fear and anger to think straight.