This week in games: inactivity, brutalism, The Witness and more

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I’ve been playing through The Witness, and for a game oriented around variations on a single puzzle it’s a great game.

Except for one group of puzzles… (possible minor spoiler warning)

There’s a group that relies on sounds, and this group of puzzles can just go fkc itself right off as far as I’m concerned. It starts off fine, until you get to one with overlapping sounds including a “wolf howl” that just makes me want to stab my eardrums out with a knitting needle. And then any failure on the following puzzle forces you to go back and re-solve the previous one, with that fcking wolf howl playing all over again. And then finishing off that area requires permanently (as far as I can tell) blocking off a really nice shortcut path across the island. Arrrrgggh!

Other than that one group, I’ve been mostly enjoying it. Some of the rules are really not very clearly revealed, and there have been a couple of times that I’ve come across where a slightly different ordering of puzzles would have made much more sense, but that doesn’t happen too often.

The Witness is a study of calm, peaceful mind expansion, right up until your controller smashes its way through your tv.


Nice! It’s been over a month since Offworld posted - I was worried it had gone defunct. Though a single aggregated post itself appropriated from another site doesn’t exactly bode well…


I thought offworld was always a snippet of stuff from critical distance? Anyway, i’m glad it’s back because i’m liable to forget to check there.

Some really thought-provoking articles in there, took up most of my afternoon. Thanks.

Look at all of this glorious games writing!

The Critical Distance thing was just a weekly or so feature, and a relatively recently added one.

Damn straight it’s glorious! I want to deep-dive into this stuff.

If you’d like more thoughtful games journalism in your day, Rock Paper Shotgun runs a much denser schedule and is consistently excellent. It leans more towards typical news-and-reviews than Offworld does, but it’s invariably hilarious in a very British way.

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