This woman has Elon Musk's old phone number and gets calls and texts meant for him. A lot

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I feel that there is a news story there by itself.


I would absolutely buy that phone and phone number from her, just so I could prank people with responses from “Elon”.

A friend of mine had a phone number in college which was a two-finger transposition from a popular pizza place. He used to get pizza orders all the time until he started taking the orders and promising delivery.


[Grimes] Hey, we just had a child! 16 hours ago
[Grimes] Are you there? 14 hours ago
[Grimes] Still in the hospital, we need to give the child a name for the birth certificate. 2 hours ago
[Grimes] Hello? 4 minutes ago

Now new phone who dis?

From the Elon Musk School of Problem Solving.


My phone number used to be one digit off from a “guy with a truck” who advertised for odd jobs in the newspaper classified ads*. The only reason we discovered this was that he irregularly missed deadlines or just didn’t show up. Our names were on the answering machine* message so we got a lot of politely grumpy yet confused messages about him.

  • Yes, this story happened when these things were still things.

i bet she gets all sorts of interesting calls and texts. i’d never give such a number up.


Imagine the rumours you could start yes Mr. Customer and with any order over one hundred trucks we are offering offering the secret beta testing of the tesla submersible car capable of underwater navigation to 120 meters depth and equipped with an underwater star link modem capable of receiving a signal up to 30 meters depth and small enough to operate in undersea cave rescue missions . would you like to be a tester?


“The Internal Revenue Service called about a complicated tax issue.”

Ha! Are you sure that’s the word they used? Any calls from SEC?

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Ughh its the worst when this happens with a regular person however. I changed my number last year from one that id had for over a decade. The new number belonged to someone named Lacey Evans. It is my belief that Lacey signed up and gave out her number on every single spam list in existence lol. I get spam/scam texts every single day asking her to claim her free iPhone/loan/winnings/rebate.

There was no point to this reply, sorry. Just whining and crying into the void :stuck_out_tongue:


The article summary bots are restless tonight.

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It’s not clear if Tucker’s number is the one Musk accidentally Tweeted publicly back in 2017.

I’m no investigative reporter, but this question could probably be answered with one phone call :wink:


I imagine if she were less ethical, there may be a market for that particular phone to be sold to one of Musk’s competitors to do some less than ethical information mining by pretending to be him…


Ugh, just seems like a nightmare to me. Seems like she gets enough calls and texts that it takes up a good chunk of time dealing with them. (And with perverse politeness, she actually responds to messages…) I mean, the prank possibilities would be amusing, but the absolute time/energy wasted dealing with this on a daily basis just wouldn’t be remotely worth it.

But that one message, “Why are you assuming I mean Elon Musk?” amuses me - they’re instantly suspicious. It must be Elon Musk because he’s denying it’s Elon Musk, and I didn’t even use his full name! QED! I can’t even imagine how much of that she must get.

Sure, it’d be great as a distinct entertainment device, if that’s what its sole purpose was (and you could ignore it whenever you wanted, i.e. the rest of the time), but if you were trying to actually use it as your phone at the same time, where you had to pay attention to it (but most of the messages weren’t for you) that would instantly switch it to being really unpleasant.


it would be preferable to all the spam calls and texts i get, at least.


Most of the calls and texts I get aren’t for me (though to be fair, that’s largely because I don’t use my phone for much communication). That spam is still preferable to getting anything remotely like the volume of calls and texts she must get for Elon when he’s in the news. (My bad spam days are about the same as her good days with the minimum number of messages she gets.)

It’s not complicated. We just want the gift cards.

“Wow,” Musk said. "That number is so old! I’m surprised it’s still out there somewhere.

What, like phone numbers expire, never to be used again? WTF bubble he live in?


Oh, hi. It’s Lacey Evans here.
Can you pass on my free iPhone please?


It should be possible to pay a nominal fee to keep old numbers out of the market permanently.

I smell a business opportunity.