Thomas Friedman: IHOP menu copywriter


I’m a little confused. Also, delighted.

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I want the staff of the Allston, MA IHOP to know that I will donate $100 to charity if they add this prose to the menu. Who else is with me?

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In the China-watcher sphere he is known as “The Mustache”, check out the short and very funny spoof, by Gaddy Epstien, of “The 'Stache” commenting on China’s direction:

I wish IHOP wasn’t USA-only. (Ironic, that.)

See also XKCD’s House of Pancakes.

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In many corners of the internet he is referred to as the Moustache of Understanding.

Matt Taibbi has written extensively about how bad Friedman is. Here’s a taste:

My favorite spoof has to be, “Thomas Friedman Clogged my Toilet,”

Friedman’s no John Candy.

I seem to remember IHOP in the 70’s and 80’s offering not only international style pancakes, but things like stir fries, different pasta and seafood dishes like fish and chips to keep the ‘international theme’.
But I can’t find a menu from that time peroid online, can anyone confirm this?

“Your order will certainly be brought to you within the next six months.”

Zack Parsons does this schtick for a long time now.

There are some spread over British Columbia and two in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

I hate pancakes too!

Friedman is so over rated that it’s incredible. He just puts out pop-geopolitical pablum (bland, insipid intellectual fare).

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