Those ball gobblin' hippos are still hungry

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ball gobblin hippos is a beautiful assembly of words… thank you for this :slight_smile:

I ALSO preferred Rock’em Sock’em Robots — but my kid sister LOVED the hippos, so I’d play to keep her happy. :slight_smile:


Looks like Pink is now Blue - you go, funky li’l trans hippo!


Somewhat on-topic: in contrast to their reputation, real-life hippos are actually quite dangerous, and kill hundreds of people every year in Africa. And if you just annoy one, instead of biting you in half, he’ll turn and give you a blast from the other end.

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Why is there one yellow ball in there?

The two yellow balls let you mix up the game a little. You can use them as a special prize, or to represent more points, or as a tie-breaker.

Drinking variation: if you score the yellow ball the person to your right buys you a shot


What? No Gnip-Gnop?

Worst game ever.


I was a Skittles “man” myself.

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