Three stabbed in Ikea knife attack


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An hour east of Stockholm is the Baltic Sea. An hour west is more accurate-ish.


F***, man, we need knife control! Require mental health checks on knife purchases! Limit access to knife sharpeners! Ban knives!


Thank you for yet another reason to never, ever set foot in an Ikea again.


But they need those knives to protect themselves from an oppressive government!


There wouldn’t only be two dead people if everyone had guns!


You can take my lock-blade multitool but you have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.
…I am quite serious here…


Västerås, please, not Vesteras.


Since I know å is pronounced “oh”, does that mean the place is called “Westeros”?



In terms of pronounciation, Westeros would be pretty close.


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