Three women are suing Charlie Rose

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I bet Rose is wishing he took a job with Fox instead of CBS right about now.


Will the mouth-eyes photoshop thing ever go away?

I have a deadhorse.jpg, maybe you can photoshop beating.jpg into it several times over?


Sex with Charlie Rose must be quite frustrating, what with his being so in love with the sound of his own voice that he won’t let his partner get a moan in before interrupting.


Like Great Cthulhu @beschizza is sustained by your horror.


Seriously, do people still watch network television? I had no idea who this guy was before seeing this and I’ll be happy not to be better informed.

Part of the reason he was popular was because he actually prepared for his interviews and usually had decent questions, albeit not always the hardest hitting. Which is to say that he wasn’t a great interviewer, just a competent one in a field where that was somewhat unusual, particularly toward the end with the collapse of investigative network news. But something about him has long creeped me out. I wasn’t shocked to find out he’s a creep. And of course those shows worked because he had a hardworking team behind him to make him look good, so it says all the more about him that he treated them like dirt.


Maaan, now every time I re-watch Breaking Bad it’s going to be soured by the presence of a guy who did morally reprehensible things.


I had a snarky response but this is 1000x better! :joy:

All hail b͔̞̘͕̰͗̓͡e̘̩̗̘̭͡s̠̲̤̬͊ͫc̟̪͛ͪ̍̄͝h͉̝̳̥̫̗̩́ͫ̈̃͐ͪ͂͟i̶ͯ̓͒͑z̸͉ͣ͒z͈̯̥̙̬̦̎͌͛ͣ̄̀̋͟a͋̊̾̒͏!

"It's funny 'cause it's true!"

(a)Mr. Rose told Ms. Harris that she lacked skills and talent and “I didn’t know that I hired a fucking kindergartner;”

(b)Mr. Rose told Ms. McNeal “you can’t be a fucking idiot and have this job”; and

©Mr. Rose told Ms. Wei she was a “fucking idiot” for booking a flight on a plane that did not have flat folding seats, when Ms. Wei had previously advised Mr. Rose of same before booking the flight

Wait, where’s the “sexual” part of this harassment? Non-sexual harassment, bullying, being an asshole are all still quite legal. Just ask all my previous bosses.


He does it to piss off Joey.


I imagine there is more.

The like is for your abusive boss woes. When I was younger, during the recession in the 80s, my dad finally found a decent sales job selling herbicide and spray equipment for Westheffer in Lawrence, KS. Now I am sure that my parents tried to shield us from these harsh realities, but evidently my dad’s boss was a total dick. It was a family run business, and basically anything good that happened his two sons got credit for, and anything bad that happened he and others got blamed. And there was a lot of blame because the sons were fuck ups who half assed shit all the time. Add that to an hour commute and my dad hated that job and we knew that.

It was my job to take out the trash on trash day and I remember finding a poem he wrote about his boss being a dog or some such in the trash. I guess it was a coping mechanism.

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Think of all the places it isn’t. Check there?

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only if I count as people to you.

I feel the same way about someone else, much closer to me, right now.

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The lawsuit also complains that CBS executives knew that Rose routinely harassed women but did not warn new employees.

That seems like a smaller problem than CBS knowing that Rose routinely harassed women but did not warn him.

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Here’s a suggestion hopefully not to throw fuel into the fire: offense A can be very different than offense B (the legal system exists largely in acknowledgment of this). There is a tendency to cluster all sexual harassers into a single bin. In terms of changing society for the better heaping them altogether in one nasty basket has the reverse effect of allowing the very worst to stand with the clueless. We already have levels of sex offenders, i would assert that it’s time to set the Harvey Weinsteins apart from the Al Frankens, that would allow the former to be more effectively removed from society and the latter to be possibly even reformed. And for a haphazard circling back, it sure appears that Charlie Rose would end up closer to Weinstein -sigh-

I’ve looked everywhere. There are no more eyes left in the world. Only ever-hungry mouths spewing bullshit.

I think it is pretty cool, and strangely effective. Where and when did it start, and who does these at BB?