Tickets to Florida punk show are $18, or $999 if you haven't been vaccinated

So does this get around the Florida governor’s mandate that you cannot require a vaccine passport? Because they most assuredly are not requiring a vaccine passport.


that (blatantly unconstitutional) “law” is also why MoRon DeSantis is demanding that private enterprise like cruise lines cannot enforce vaccine mandates (vax passports) on their passengers in order to sail under CDC guidelines in a safe manner.
this coming from our very own “little dictator” RonDon, a supposed “invisible hand of the free market” kinda business-friendly repugnican, that shows exactly how craven, hypocritical and not just lying but outright bullshitting their pronouncements are - the difference being a liar knows the truth, yet tells the lie, hoping to fool some folk, the bullshitter cares not one bit about the truth and advances their narrative in full disregard for any truth knowing it will influence the gullible.

exactly. welcome to Florida-da and the Tallahassee Bullshit. now go and spend lots of $$$ at Disney because we conveniently loop-holed theme parks from this legislation!
y’all come back now!


My understanding is that, in the sane states like NY and CA, the vaccine info on the cards is also being entered into official databases (which already exist to record childhood immunisations). Insurers and hospital networks, as well as pharmacy and clinic injection sites, are also recording the jabs to reduce their own liability.

The sane states will eventually create apps and cards with QR codes that will match the vaccination record to a government-issued ID. NY is already developing its app. Federally recognized private passport issuers will provide similar services for sane residents of bonkers stars like like FLA who want to travel. There’s still potential for forgery, but a lot less than with the current paper cards.

The federal government won’t be doing this or mandating that all states do it, because America. There will also be lawsuits from anti-vaxxers against businesses (esp. airlines) that will require officialpasses/passports. But as long as this stupid country doesn’t reach herd immunity, these passes/passports are coming.



Freedom isn’t free. Bawh.


And just like some people don’t like doughnuts


People are willing to pay for fake vaccine cards, even though they could get a real completed proof of vaccination for free.


*willfully unvaccinated POOR people feel unwelcome… $999 isn’t exactly out of reach… and if you turn it upside down… lol

This will likely make the people making fake Covid 19 Vaccine passports a ton of money instead of solving a real problem:

CDC vaccine record cards != vaccine passports. Per the article and my earlier comment, the latter will incorporate database records linked to government issued IDs and “signed with encrypted keys using a QR code system similar to that adopted in Israel.”

That kind of system is not 100% foolproof, and forgers will make some money off the suckers before enough of them find out the counterfeits are useless (I give it 8 weeks at most).

On the whole, though, the passports/passes will help private businesses and foreign governments solve the very real problem of how to bar anti-vaxxer morons who think they’re entitled to do whatever they please despite their science denialism and irresponsibility.

I understand that the use of the term “passport” can be confusing, so this article might give you a better understanding of what’s happening in this regard.


As an infosec professional, I will be watching eagerly how they solve this unsolvable problem. Specially since we can’t control how secure the covid passports from every country in the world are but still want to allow those properly vaccinated people into controlled zones. Unless we plan to hire TSA teams for all stores, stadiums, etc…

Meanwhile my state has prohibited “vaccine passports” because “pwn the libruls.”


The infosec professionals won’t solve it by throwing up their hands and giving in to the Nirvana Fallacy.

What will happen is a bunch of news stories about people getting caught when the QR code on the specified passport type is scanned and either doesn’t match the person’s ID or doesn’t work at all. If the individual was trying to fly or cross an international border using a counterfeit, the story will also describe how they were arrested and fined.

There’s already a trust ranking of standard passports when it comes to entering a country. Immigration authorities and border guards will be given similar guidance regarding a given country’s vaccine passport(s) depending on the status of variants/mutations within that country and vaccinations administered for them.

For stores, stadiums, restaurants, etc. that want to keep out the covidiots it’ll likely fall to staff and normal rent-a-cop to do the checks.

Or “freedumb”. Sorry you live in such a state, but my understanding is that private industry will offer vaccine passports to residents like you in the absence of a state programme. Meanwhile, your state will have to come up with a better reason once private businesses sue it over the prohibition.

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Sorry but this topic is about a punk concert and not borders. In this context lies my comment about the uselessness of vaccine passports. If a foreign national wants to go eat at a chipotles, or go see a punk concert that requires vaccine passports, the people checking passports won’t know a real one from a fake one rendering the entire operation massively expensive and counterproductive. This foreign vax passport counterpoint is relevant to the conversation only if the US comes up with the mother of all ID schemes instead of the shit show I’m sure that will ensue.

That’s why I use both the terms “vaccine passport” and “vaccine pass”, which function similarly (QR codes, encryption, link to database, visual match with government-issued ID, etc.) but have different use cases (crossing international borders and getting into domestic venues, respectively). The former might be an acceptable substitute for the latter in a private business setting, or there might be combinations of the two.

For purposes of this discussion, we can generically call both “vaccine passes” to avoid further confusion about the concept on your part. Going back to the original point, “vaccine passes” will be more difficult to forge than a CDC card (or a high-schooler’s fake driver’s license) is.

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If you actually read the article you’d see that the venue isn’t actually checking vaccine documentation at all and knows full well they have no way to enforce this policy. This is a largely symbolic gesture designed to let the willfully unvaccinated know they are not welcome at the concert.


It’s basically the flip side of the Krispy Kreme giveaway: behave like a responsible member of society during this public health crisis, get a goodie; be a selfish* or deluded arsehole, no cheap concert or free donut for you. In either case, no-one’s going to look too closely at the CDC cards or care if they’re forged.

For now, it’s fairly low-stakes stuff in the absence of actual enforcement mechanisms. That’s going to change as the vaccine passes kick in and the willfully unvaccinated – especially entitled white people --can’t fly or go to a basketball game. Conservatives and Libertarians know it’s coming, which is why they’ve started doing everything (except actually discussing legitimate ethical questions regarding underserved communities) to sow bad-faith FUD around the concept.

And of course, the Death Cult Party politicians in power are already passing spurious laws against vaccination checks to pander to the Know-Nothings.

[* apologies to the AynCaps and Objectivists out there who think selfishness is a good thing]

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