Tig Notaro, breast cancer survivor, does a topless comedy set



I’m a huge fan of Tig. Quirky, self-effacing, brave, etc. She’s kind of awkward in away i think works great for comedians. I’m not sure how i would’ve handled her doing a comedy set topless to be honest, but you never know what most things are like until confronted with them.

Would be interesting if she did a recorded version of her set, but i wonder what the odds of something like that happening are.

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comedians are in a unique position, as humor can get under and around peoples usual defenses, what this one simple yet brave act did for womens rights and normalizing and acceptance of body images for people who have been through similar procedures…i’m in awe. we need more people like her. thanks for sharing.


And it’s New York so the cops can’t bust her for being topless in public, right? Awesome!

wow, would love to hear the set.

Bless her pea-pickin’, lil ol’ heart. Wish I had been there. Tig is a very funny lady and a remarkable human being.

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I love her character on ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

   <sm> /seriously though, you go girl!</sm>
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as someone who has worked with html since forever i have to ask…what were you trying to achieve with an sm tag? As far as I know there is no official sm tag, and although html 5 allows you to create your own arbitrary custom element tags they 1) have to contain a dash, and b) wouldn’t do anything in the context of a comment, especially anything formatting-wise. you have me truly baffled, is this a inside joke of some kind that I’m just not getting?


I don’t know near enough about Tig or comedy. I’m not even an amateur. But what she’s doing seems to me to be that sort of transcendent work that defies meaning. I listened to her Live special, and it brought me to tears, especially as I laughed.

She’s doing standup for sure, but I think maybe standup comedy isn’t the term for it. She’s standup reality, and it’s softened with some jokes; but it’s pain, raw and bleeding. The jokes are just there to keep us from despair. But we’re here to take the pain on ourselves, and support her with our laughter. And so much of comedy has always been that way, but more hidden.


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