Tik Tok shows how social media uses transphobia as a gateway to further radicalization

Originally published at: Tik Tok shows how social media uses transphobia as a gateway to further radicalization | Boing Boing


Truly a lowly and disgusting creature is the transphobic bigot.


Pretty sure all of social media is just Clippy going, “Hey, it looks like you’re looking at stuff that will make you into a terrible person. Let me show you more.”

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Makes sense, if you’re going to hate and fear some people for being different, they can monetize that inclination by offering you other people to hate.


Is there any real need for TicToc? China is doing it’s damnedest to fuck over america, creates an idiot site that helps sow discord and the whole world gets on board for a mental circle jerk. Would it make a bit more sense to just say fuck it and not play in the cesspool. You know if you play in shit you’re going to come out covered in it and stinking so why bother?


So right-wing views on one issue correlate with right-wing views generally?

Not trying to downplay algorithmic radicalization, which is a serious issue, but this doesn’t seem like much of an insight…


Transphobia is more of an authoritarian view than a right wing view. TERF Island has plenty of tankie TERs, and trans allies tend to be on the genuine anti-authoritarian side of politics, regardless of left or right wing politics.


In other news, I could have an FYP, whatever that is. For your perusal?
You’ve seemed to like Evil videos, could you also like Chaos? etc. WaffleEvil.

Damn, TERF Island. Never heard that one before. So fitting.

There is as much of a “need” for it as there is for any other form of entertainment, like, say, American Football. If American Football players were wearing jerseys with transphobic slurs on them, they would be ejected with prejudice. But not on TikTok.

The problem isn’t that it exists, the problem is that TikTok, like every other social media company, does a terrible job of policing hate speech.

If there wasn’t hateful content on TikTok to begin with, this wouldn’t be an issue.

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