TikTok allows man "hunting" down non-binaries to keep his account

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Of course he should be deplatformed, but the real question is why he’s not in jail. He has broadcasted his intent and effort to kidnap people and cause harm. Don’t report him to TikTok. Report him to the FBI.

Also, sharing this TikTok sends more traffic to the offending platform.


Also report to local and state police, as well as any businesses (hotels) where he’s attempting to do this.


Yeah this sounds like possible hate crime, potential for battery, kidnapping and who knows what else. This person is unwell and does not need to be out in the public


Are they in fucking camouflage?

Yeah - they look just like the rest of us - just like you, even.


Wait for him to suggest that they should wear special badges on their clothes so its easier for him to spot them…


Whether staged or real is irrelevant…

Indeed. Even if it is staged, someone will see this and assume it’s a thing–a thing they can get in on.


The internet out grossing itself again.


Why does this [or any other] talibanner have to ‘do the lord’s work’ at all?
Why can’t the lazy bastid do its work itself?

But, sure, Buddy. Tell the Judge that you were doing the lord’s work. I’m sure it will work out well for you.


It’s not even the first video — his current TikTok account boasts that he’s been banned from the site 47 times so far, and PatriotTakes was able to dig up another video in which he encourages his followers to “go hunting…get out into the deep woods” and assures them there are “a lot of non-binaries running around everywhere,” and urges viewers to “Catch them hoes. Pow!” as he makes a rifle-shooting gesture.

With this publicity and the doxxing that revealed his employer, I’m hoping he’ll lose his account and his job within the next 48 hours. I’m also hoping that someone downloads these videos and forwards them to the police re: his uttering threats.


What the absolute fuck?


I do wear trans pride pins.

And carry pepper spray.


Does the castle doctrine apply at work? He seems the dangerous sort to have access to a weapon, and he threatened to “shut down” a workplace. Seems like it would make the workers feel threatened…


It’s a home to the guests. Even if only temporary.


Heck, he doesn’t even need to have direct imitators - just turning the hunting of marginalized people into a “joke” causes its own issues of dehumanizing folks.


And someone else will see this and be “inspired” to go further. Stochastic terrorism.


The state of reactionary “humor”


I just don’t understand how allegedly straight men could be so obsessed with transgender people? To the point of “hunting” them? I think they are fighting some inner demons…it’s like the same bunch that were/are worried about what gay (men) do in the bedrooms - they seem to think about it non-stop. I barely give a passing thought to what straight people do in their bedrooms, nevermind what gay people do. Same goes for where trans go to the bathroom/ participate in sports - why this fixation?
At some point, when more is understand about the brain, I’m supposing these conditions will be something that can be diagnosed/treated? Nothing at all about this behavior indicates they are mentally healthy.


scrolls past images of dead Ukrainians in the streets outside their own homes. * scrolls past multiple news stories of high school shootings this week*. scrolls past multiple reports of mass shootings in America this last week alone .scrolls past multiple congressional and senatorial candidates suggesting gays shouldn’t legally be allowed to come out until we’re 21 or that parents of trans children should be jailed/shot on sight

Sorry, I got lost in the fog of the sheer blind ignorance your post that somehow missed the point that America is a deeply violent country filled with deeply violent philosophical beliefs that anyone who isn’t a straight white Christian person isn’t worthy of life, liberty, or happiness. But that’s just imagining violence when you see it in front of your face, right?.

Wanna see the end game of modern American Republican politics and propaganda? Just look at the bodies of civilians littering the streets of Western/Southern Ukraine.

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Did you mean to reply to me?

Because I have no idea what this has to do with a meme about how right wing “jokes” tend to be predominantly violence fantasies laundered as humor to escape accountability.

I’m not asking nor explaining why that’s the case, I’m merely pointing it out.

Volence fantasies laundered as humor, btw, is not universal.

It’s not something everyone does. So if that is indeed meant as an explainer it doesn’t explain why it’s almost always reactionaries doing it.