TikToker pretends to be an extremely disgruntled employee insulting customers

employee: “Can I check your back!”

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Love it. I’ve had about 30 jobs, probably half of those dealing with customers. Everytime I quit, I hoped for one of the idiots to show up for my last day, but they never did, everyone just as nice as can be…
The universe just wants me to be nice, I guess.

I second that catharsis. Back in my 1990s hospitality career one of our favorite post-shift jokes at the bar across the street was “and tell all your cheap ass friends not to come here either!”

I was and am a people person, but that one ahole in a hundred that complains about price of spaghetti and orders hot water only to take a tea bag out of their pocket really takes it out of you.

Fine, go, I’ll call you an uber

I was in stitches

To be fair, SCOTUS did that for them…


When I worked in a garden centre and a customer asked me to check the back, I often did anyway despite knowing fine well that the thing they wanted wasn’t there, and if I really didn’t like them I might go and have a cup of tea and biscuit before returning empty handed. I ran the department so I knew exactly what was where, but older men didn’t trust me to know what I was doing as I was pretty young at the time, so they got their time wasted while I caught a breather.


Legally… turning corporations into people psychologically, and, er, sexually, etc. people did for themselves, on the other hand.

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