TikToker "tricked the whole internet" with fake forehead tattoo

Originally published at: Viral TikTok Tattoo Stunt: Real Regret or Clever Hoax?

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Are there a lot of people out there getting tattoos who don’t realize that the ink doesn’t generally wash right off?


My faith in humanity has been sorely tested lately, but I’m still going to say no, there are not.


Her intention was to draw attention to herself. Of course this “influencer” didn’t care if one of her more dimwitted followers might follow her lead in the interim before the big reveal.

She and other social media “influencers” are prime candidates for the famous “poor impulse control” forehead tattoo. These are people who don’t think through the consequences of their actions.


My statement is an anecdote, but I don’t know anyone who regrets their tattoos, including myself. I’ve always wanted more. No, I wouldn’t get a face tattoo, but neither did she.



(Yes I know this is from a movie)


Sigh, I really hate anti-tatto crusaders.

It’s a shame she regrets her own tattoos (which I think are cute) but her buyer’s remorse in not some universal thing.

It’s already an over blown folk wisdom that tattoos are bad and something you will regret, it’s not some hidden danger no one talks about. She even says she was “warned”. That didn’t “help”. It’s very annoying that most people seem to think they know better than you what’s best for your body.

I don’t have any but the ones I considered when I was young are not things that would embarrass me now if I had gotten them. None of my friends or partners regret theirs and we are in our 30’s and 40’s. My partner got his first one at 16 and just got it retouched this year, same design, better color.

The only one my dad really regrets is one that contains an ex’s name.

Don’t get tattoos of a partner’s name. It’s the worst tattoo idea short of actual hate speech. But the gap between that and a cute well thought out piece is massive.

People change and that should be a big consideration of what kind of design you might want but not a reason to abandon the entire idea of tattoos.

I also got dire warnings from some of my family about dying my hair purple even though that’s not permanent. That was in 2003 and I’m still dying purple to this day, just with some blue and pink sometimes when I want a little change.

Sure but there are certainly a lot of people that get tattoos without much thought. My SO has several tattoos that while well done she no longer cares for and regrets getting. It’s also why i haven’t gotten any tattoos myself, i’ve never felt 100% certain about any designs so i haven’t gotten inked yet. Someday perhaps.


The video received widespread attention, garnering tens of millions of views, as well as a lot of criticism

I mean, isn’t that a TikTok video just being a TikTok video?

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The original video is rage bait. And it worked. I swear that’s 90% of social media.


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There was already widespread speculation that her ‘tattoo’ was a fake even before she made her reveal so I’m not at all surprised to discover that it actually is a fake. That said I didn’t expect her justification for the stunt to be anti-tattoo ‘awareness’.


Condolences, the bums lost!

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NGL, the only tattoo I’m likely to get is a ‘tramp stamp’ with an arrow pointing down into the ass crack and the phrase “insert brains here” above it. :smiley: :smiley:

Always helpful in case you’re abducted by aliens

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I was going to get a tattoo, but then I read that the blacklight tattoo ink fades and decided to save my money.

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