TikTok's "Unreal Margot Robbie" is a perfect deepfake

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I guess I could look up and see who Margot Robbie is, but I’ll just leave this dumb comment and go on about my day.


Too cool for school, huh?


I suppose it could just be someone who happens to be her spitting image having some fun with us.


Excited Tom Hiddleston GIF by Disney+


Yeah, it’s not like there’s nobody in the world who looks like her…

  • Assume this is not the real Margot Robbie, and that this content was not created with the consent of the real Margot Robbie.
  • Assume this is making use of some sort of deepfake technology
  • Assume that it is not an accident that this type of technology is used more frequently to produce content featuring women without their consent than it is used for men.

I can appreciate the core technology on its own merits, but it seems like a mostly solved problem at this point, at least as a function of the amount of data input into the system. I can’t help but question the motivations of anyone who uses it in this manner, though.

ETA: Some additional context by people who have done the legwork:


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