“Tim and Eric” directed this lightbulb ad for GE, starring Jeff Goldblum, and it's awesome



(Yes I know it said right up-front that this is an ad; I thought of this anyway)


I’m not a huge Tim and Eric fan, but I’d watch Jeff Goldblum do just about anything… very funny!


Please let this be their only commercial. I’m already ready to empty my bank account on light bulbs. If they advertise anything else it’ll bankrupt me.


I was only reading about these things the other day.

Oh my god, that’s great, I loved it!

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usually i find tv commercials to be rude ineffective invasive relics of the in your face product pushing era with little value or impact on my actual purchasing.

that being said, that was a pretty entertaining commercial, that I actually enjoyed watching, i loved it.
it made me want their product…wtf? i thought i was immune to advertising, i guess no one is immune to the charms of jeff goldblum! :slight_smile:

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So great. Jeff Goldblum and Christopher Walken give the best line readings on the planet.


While the ad might be entertaining, I can’t imagine how it would convince anyone to buy anything.

See above.

Uhhhh . . . anyone notice the lighting didn’t do anything to improve the looks and/or charisma of the “hired schlub” holding the bulbs at the end?

(Or maybe they did, and that poor guy is really in bad shape.)

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I don’t think most ads try to convince you to buy anything. Instead, they try to put an idea in your head so when you’re presented with choices down the road, the product in the ad will have a head start in your decision process.

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Are you in marketing?

As satire it’s pretty funny
As an advertisement it’s pretty dreadful

I am a big fan of parody and the generally weird aesthetic of T&E, but…

The style they are making fun of is well-worn territory, and JG is wayyyyyyy too aware of himself.

Sorry, but fail.

It sort of mines the same aesthetic as Python’s Christmas in Heaven only not as well.

This really made me want to buy their light bulbs. Nuclear triggers or not!

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