Tim Kaine isn't so hip on Internet slang

Of course the internet has made these words much more visible and more easily spread, but calling them “internet slang” is missing a certain something about the terms and their cultural context.

These terms are deracialized, robbed of context and often sense ("Before All Else? Really?), then consumed and discarded as happens to all manner of black culture. See also: “Black People Twitter”, cornrows.

If someone tells you a word origin is an acronym, they’re almost certainly wrong unless it’s a technical term or brand name.


Do we really need to qualify the ethnic origin of widespread slang terms to make sure people aren’t offended?

I’m not sure anyone suggested that. Cultural exchange is much, much larger than protecting individual people’s feelings. The way you phrase this gives the impression of minimizing and dismissing the issue.

With respect to the internet, by the way, people are generally “offended” by non-attribution.

Exactly, that is precisely my point. Literally no matter what one says, offense is taken by someone somewhere. Such as my comment, which you chose to interpret as cultural dismissal, which was the opposite of what I said.

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