Tim Kaine isn't so hip on Internet slang

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I didn’t know half of those, either. Does that mean I’m old?


Do I fail immediately because I’ve never heard of Tyler Oakley?


No dammit no. Watching a ton of teevee and then more teevee on the internet is not how you become cool. Does anybody even know what the Kardashians are famous for?

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I had never heard the terms YAS and Squad Goals before. I am disappointed that I knew everything else.

The host and these stupid slang terms all made me cringe violently. Does that make me old?


I’ll give Tim Kaine this, he rolled with all the slang and picked it up immediately from context, even using it in a sentence right away. Never any “DURR WHAT IS AN INNERNET” or “is that what the kids are saying? eyeroll”, just shrugging and rolling with it. He seems quick.
(edit: I should add that I have nephews who are 19 and 17, and neither one has ever used the terms YAS or Squad Goals in my presence. But they introduced me to “ratchet” and “salty”).


He was quick on the uptake, but the interview was jarringly unnatural. I think that’s more on Tyler Oakley (whoever that is) than Tim Kaine.

I think his knowledge of Internet slang is on fleek enough that the next conspiracy theory is going to be that he claimed he invented the Internet.

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I somehow succeeded in spending most of my life without any clear idea of what a “Kardashian” is and I don’t intend on learning now.

Nerdy dad OUT.


Come on. There was a whole TV series based on them.

They occupied Bajor until the insurgency drove them out, went to war with the Klingons, and then allied with the Dominion in an attempt to conquer the Alpha Quadrant.


Oh, THAT must be why people keep bringing them up in discussions about politics.


Yeah, the kardashians got nothing on elim…

Lying is a skill like any other. And if you want to maintain a level of excellence, you have to practice constantly.

Drumpf still has a lot to learn.

Shout out to akbar5656 - a stitch in time is proving to be a great read. :sunglasses:


i gotta say, as an almost 50-year old, i actually knew all of those – i can’t cite the specific tv show that “bye felicia” came from, though. in my defense, i’m not a dad – i am supposed to be the hip gay uncle. so i gotta stay on fleek.


}} hip gay uncle bro-fist {{


“yas”, “squad goals”, “on fleek”, and “bae” are definitely not internet slang.

I’ll give y’all three guesses what they actually are, before you go back to talking about “stupid slang”.

Minority opinion here, then. I thought that was pretty cute and I knew the all the slang. :smiley:


“On fleek” was invented by a Chicago teen who spontaneously said it in a Vine she posted, which went viral.

So, I’m not sure what your definition of “internet slang” is, but all of these words are certainly terms that were popularized on social media.


“Squad Goals” was the only one I didn’t know, and I’m so god damned old that sometimes when I sit on low toilets my balls dip in the water.

YAS is not an acronym, and it should be familiar to anyone who’s watched Broad City. Yass queen! (You should watch Broad City btw.)

And I thought bae was an elision of “baby,” not an acronym for “Before All Else.” Sounds like a backronym to me.

Kaine comes across as genially avuncular, as opposed to mean Vice Principal Pence. I know personality is not the principal (ha) reason to vote for a ticket, but much of the VP’s job is, in a way, marketing. Presenting the face of your country to others. When we send a Vice President to some foreign dignitary’s wedding or funeral, do we want America to be represented by the friendly-but-competent faces of Biden or Kaine, or the snarling malevolent visage of Dick Cheney?