Time lapse video of an ice jam forming on the Ausable river


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Holy crap, did not expect that to be so sudden. Watching, watching, watching, little pieces of ice, watching, watching, BAM! Hope no one was injured and the property damage not too bad. I did a quick news scan and it doesn’t appear so.


I never did see the actual ice dam - did you? Must’ve been a little further downstream. The power of moving water is impressive.


The Kankakee River in Illinois is infamous for ice jams, especially downstream from the city of Kankakee. I took these shots a couple of hours before the bridge I was standing on was temporarily closed (to reopen later when the jam cleared):


Actually sounds like the reverse of that.


I know it’s sped up footage but it’s frightening to watch.

The river rose about 10 feet in 20 minutes, filled with ice, and burst its banks.

A great bit of footage.


That’s my jam!!!


Huh, this is pretty meditative, and I wonder if it’s going to gewhooOOOAAAAmygod!


the river rose exactly 7.75 ft

I find that exceedingly difficult to believe, both due to the lack of further decimal places, and the notion that a single measurement could be applicable across such a large, turbulent surface.


Cold is slow to worsen.
Then it’s fast.

My new favorite Emily Dickinson poem.


Getting out my micrometer calipers…



So who put all that ice there?!


After watching it frame by frame, two things occur to me: firstly, I think that the jam was actually upstream of the camera and we are seeing the release flow, not the jam itself. Also, the video (while admittedly very dramatic) felt a little bit off to me because the interval time between frames was inconsistent. I’m not saying that it’s doctored, but I’m suspicious enough in general that when I see any abnormalities, I reflexively think monkey shines.


I live in VT just on the other side of Lake Champlain from Ausable. Trust me. It’s real. Many of our rivers did the same thing here. Just no YouTube footage of it :slight_smile:


Looking forward to the next video article: Watching Paint Dry".




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