Timeline of the future: 1,000 years time to one hundred quintillion years




Huh? I didn’t know www.bbc.com was region-locked from the UK…


It’s AndroMilk, dammit! Not weak-ass, milquetoast “Milkomeda,” ugh.


Seems pretty ridiculous. Oh well, no infographic for me.


The forum is going to resize the picture, but hopefully you can either right-click and open them in another window to see the full-size or use the .co.uk link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbc.com/future/bespoke/20140107-far-future/assets/images/far-future-timeline (dot) png


I feel insignificant, as usual.

But on a grander scale, at least.


When’s the singularity? When do we convert the solar system into a Matryoshka Brain?


Why don’t people ever consult a linguist before they make linguistic claims? It’s absurd to say that no single word will survive in 1000 years. If we judge based on our current data, many words will survive, just as “quid pro quo,” survives. And if you allow for spelling variations (which are pretty trivial in a linguistic sense), then words from Old English are still in common usage a thousand years later.

Now, if you said “no single language will survive,” you might be on slightly firmer ground, although I’ll still scoff. If you define “survive” as “not undergo change,” then no single language will survive the night.

I know most people don’t realize there actually is a science of linguistics. Still. A claim like that casts into doubt a lot of the rest of it, for me, because I know I’m not equipped to find similar errors in the biology or cosmology bits.


Dead languages don’t undergo changes. Living languages do.


People can’t even predict what they’ll do over the weekend…


Perfect time and place for my all-time favorite Wikipedia page, Timeline of the far future, with mind-blowers such as the year 10⋀10⋀50 (10 to the power of 10 to the power of 50):

Estimated time for a Boltzmann Brain to appear in the vacuum via a spontaneous entropy decrease.


Well that’s comforting…


extinction of humans in 5 million years

pretty optimistic.


Wait! No heat death of the universe? It feels kinda lacking…


I’m convinced that there must be a better name for ours than ‘the milky way’ (or equivalents in other indo-european languages). That’s not a name, it’s just a (pretty inadequate plesioreligious) description. It deserves a better name. Where’s the IAU on this?


How about ‘Trevor’?


Thank you for reposting that.


“Earth” is a pretty crap name too


“That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die”


I know it’s just the power of suggestion, but now all my Y-chromosomes feel weird and crumbly.