Tin foil hats for humans and cats


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The tin foil hat for cats looks more like a tin foil Speedo.

Tell me you don’t see that!


Couldn’t help being reminded of


If it ain’t homemade, your not really tinfoil hat’n.


Excellent, absolutely wear your tin foil helmets


This is how you get your cat to murder you.

Anyway, tin foil hats are bullshit.

Everyone knows aluminum foil hats is where it’s at.


Public sevice announcement:

Without the necessary amounts of government mind control, cats are sure to take over the world.


Everyone knows that the tin foil hat has been the go-to choice for years

That is what they want you to think


Tin foil hat kitty is cute.


I wonder what would happen if the hosts on Faux News started wearing them.


Trump would then lift the aluminum tariffs so that Steve Doocy won’t need to pay so much to protect his precious little brain.






How did I miss that? I wish I could ‘like’ it twice.


Roger that.


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