Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, and their lion Neil




Watch the whole family get mauled:

Note:Never seen this, so I’m not certain if the maulings made the final cut.


Man, I’ve got a rescue cat, just a little tuxedo housecat, who’s up to maybe 10 pounds now - if she were 40 times heavier, I would already have lost a hand at least


Is this real ?


Neil? They had a lion for a family pet and they named him Neil?


On the other hand the lion was able to convey emotion better than Griffith.


I don’t actuallyagree on the “no conscience or remorse” thing - my cat has gone off on me (I stepped on the kitten’s toe), and for days after was obviously remorseful and apologetic.

I had a pair of bloodied and torn pants to throw out. My cat weighed maybe 6 kg at the time.

It’s not any lack of conscience or remorse that’s relevant - it’s that any action that might trigger subsequent remorse, is coming from a 200 kg animal with 4 cm claws. It’s too likely there would be no opportunity to apologize.


Next up, an exclusive interview with the tiger that ate Roy.


It’s one of those names… when the visitors asked what the lion’s name was, the locals in the house said “Kneel!” The name just stuck.


It looks from the pictures (though hard to tell for sure) like his fangs were cut down. I wonder if he was also declawed. NOT that it means he couldn’t still kill you if he took a mind to it, 400lbs and that jaw strength… But it certainly makes a difference in how an impulse reaction might turn out.


During filming of the movie Roar, Melanie Griffith was mauled in the face, requiring plastic surgery and 50 stitches. The cinematographer was scalped by a lion. (They were able to reattach it.) The AD’s throat was bitten open. (He survived.) Clearly a very dangerous set.

I get the impression not much was (or could have been) done to make these wild animals less dangerous.


To be fair, it was the 70s. A lot of weird “we can live with nature!” things were happening.


actually I don’t have any remorse genes either!


Given the look our ancient old 17 year old cat gives me on occasion, I would never be able to sleep in a house that had a lion walking around - no matter how cuddly. Pure insanity.


Say “Neil” backwards.


Lien? They owed money on the lion?


~ ~ Mind blown! ~ ~


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