To become a Secret Service agent, recruits must pass these training exercises


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Well trained babysitters.


Forgot to mention taking a bullet for someone perhaps you may not like…


I could show them a trick that would make it a lot easier to move those big wheels.


I don’t know, seems like i’ve read quite a few stories over the years about Secret Service guys having crazy parties with drugs and hookers. Focus on that for your recruiting materials.


Well, when some training paths ignore “soft” coursework like philosophy and ethics…


I really don’t get the point of 360 degree videos.


Are kevlar condoms a thing?




I had a neighbor once who was Secret Service. Nice guy. Kept his mouth shut about his work.


…and maybe languages, diverse cultures, debating skills, critical and independent thinking, good manners…
I’d think being a fully rounded being would help with a job like that. Sometimes all it takes to defuse a critical situation is a competent assessment and le mot juste.

(That being said, I’m suddenly reminded on the entrance tests for new agents in Men In Black for some reason. Off to Youtube, BRB.)


hard to imagine why they would have recruiting issues /sarc


I wonder what the blow and hookers training is like.


Which course teaches them to drunkenly crash into the White House?


If only.

  1. still better than potato phone
  2. taxpayer subscriber dollars. (someone elses money)


I hear it blows, but it’ll hook you.


All the effort for protecting an idiot.



careful now, we don’t want them to quit their jobs