To stop street harassment, show them your Jedi mitten


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The video description has some anti-immigration bullshit about jingling keys in it.
Edited got my racist bullshit term mixed up apparently “matu” means maahan tunkeutuja translated as something like “invader”.


The mitten is strong in this one…


The Bionic Woman noise! I haven’t heard that in decades! :heart:


i thought the same thing – that’s clearly the six million dollar man/bionic woman sound, haha


helps if you have a fun laugh all along


Dang. What’s the midichlorian count on those mittens?!?



Yeah. I strongly suggest BoingBoing takes down this link (and posts the original instead, if it is on YouTube). We don’t want racist scumbags to get tons of views from unknowing BoingBoing readers, do we?


For some thats a fetish.


Aren’t you tired of earth intruders taking our jobs?!?

#makeearthgreatagain #buildthesphereandmakemarspayforit


The original Facebook vid is linked in the post (they don’t appear to have a YouTube presence), but BB does not embed Facebook posts because of accessibility issues. If you find a better version on YouTube, send the link and I can request the update.


This is why I always keep a brick in my bag.


Part of a muuuuuch longer video, but this scene immediately came to mind.


Maahan can also mean: get down as in jumping to the ground, towards earth, towards land, towards a country etc. Never been really good at translating between Finnish and English.

Finland is going to shit in so many ways… some extremists scumbags are saying they are going to attack that camp tomorrow.

Those cunts to be exact.



Finnish him!

(How has that been the second time I’ve gotten to use that one?)


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