To understand Trump, read Transmet


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…Without a doubt my favorite line from that comic.


I’ve been thinking this for a while.

Trump is scarily close, not to the Beast (who was a fairly obvious Nixon/Thatcher hybrid), but to Bob Heller.

Parhaps we are living in the future after all.

If so, I hate it here.


The original source material is a good 40-something years old.


At one time Sir Patrick was going to do this and star as Spider. Sadly I think it will never happen, at least not with him in the lead.


Came here to say that. The Smiler reminded me more of Obama/Clinton, but without redeeming values.

I thought the core takeaway was best summed up in Spiders PSA about voting.


Patrick Stewart is a fantastic actor and I know he’s a fan of the series, but… really? I’m having a hard time picturing him as a futuristic, profane, abusive muckracking pill-popper modeled after a young(ish) HST. Is it just because Stewart is the first name anyone in Hollywood comes up with when the part calls for a bald guy?


I’m pretty sure he was going to produce it or he has a production company that he was producing it through. The role was one that he wanted.

While spider gets roughed up a few times in the books there’s nothing about the role that demands a young actor. If you watch Blunt Talk you can see that Stewart is a very vital guy today and the project was being discussed like fifteen years or more ago.


Ever seen that episode of “Extras” starring Stewart? He’s got a range of roles that he can play. (Or would like to play)


That wouldn’t make any difference; Patrick Stewart was just as old 15 years ago as he is today. I think he’d already quit on the “aging” thing by the early 1980s. Probably a side effect of all that Spice.


The American politician who most reminds me of The Smiler is John Edwards. Really liberal positions, fake smile, and fathered a child in an extramarital affair. That he had while his wife was dying of cancer. And was running for president.


Not really Trumpesque, but somehow tangentially related, is Ken Wind from Elektra: Assassin.

Remember, it’s not wind like a watch… but wind, like the air…


OMG, I hadn’t made the connection between Thompson’s Gonzoism and Trump’s…Trumpocity. Nice pick.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”



(Spider was also based on Alan Moore, or at least his appearance was for the first few pages, before he shaves)


I don’t get how Trump’s related bankruptcies aren’t an issue in this election :confused:


When was the last time a campaign had this much fear and loathing?


That would be worth it just for the amount of Happy Patrick Stewart pics it would produce for the internet to use. He would be having an absolute blast.

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