Today in transphobia

Not this shit again. Looks nearly identical to the Portland BLM protests, except it’s in daylight.

Firing a “less lethal round” at that range is often very lethal. They are meant to be fired from a much longer distance and the instructions on the round itself say to aim at the ground in front of the targeted person, not directly at them. A cop in Portland was just indicted for doing this kind of thing. Too bad cops don’t read.


Mutual aid has been and will always be necessary for trans people. Unfortunately, it’s not sufficient.




And they start rolling in. As per usual with transphobes.


For the first time in state history, the Louisiana state legislature called a special session just to overide a governor’s veto. There were 2 vetoed bills that produced this unprecedented act. One removes the permit requirement for concealed guns*. The other bill completely bans any trans girls or women from competing in women’s athletics. Of course it is already really tough for trans girls to participate in girls sports in La. but the desire to make it truly impossible is apparently the most important thing to the state legislature. Its unclear whether they have enough votes to overide the veto, but it is infuriating whether they succeed or not

*currently open carry and concealed carry with an easily obtainable permit are legal, the vetoed bill would remove all restrictions on publically carrying guns


Someone needs to mess with them- introduce a bill requiring trans girls and women to open carry.


Before Terry Pratchett was successful he was associated with the same writing group as Roz Kaveney (it’s how he met Neil Gaiman), and some Discworld characters were based on real trans people. This includes Angua, whose fears around Carrot finding out that she’s a werewolf will be familiar to most trans women.



And Cheery Littlebottom and the whole Monstrous Regiment! Etc.

GAH! These reactionary shitheads are ALWAYS trying to co-opt beloved cultural figures… it enrages me…


Equal Rites was about how gender essentialist ideas like “only men can be wizards” are bullshit, and that came out in 1987. There is a reason why he came back to the idea in the Shepherds Crown, and that’s because he thought that “only women can be witches” was bullshit too.

And in The Fifth Elephant from 2000…

I found out that Billy Connolly is a trans ally a couple of months ago. It shouldn’t have been surprising, considering what area of psychiatry Pamela Stephenson specialises in, but it is always good to have that reassurance.


If it’s any consolation, Rhianna Pratchett (his daughter) is enraged and has spoken out, and a multitude of his fans aren’t buying it and are speaking out in the author’s defense.

I could easily post a dozen more tweets like the above, just from my timeline. The TERs aren’t going to get away with this.


That’s one of my fav Discworld novels.

Fuck the TERs and “gender critical” assholes; there’s nothing to be ‘critical’ about - gender is a spectrum, not a binary construct.


The TERs are now trying to claim that is the definition of gender critical, not transgender. The huge problem with that is that if they were correct it would mean that Julia Serano is not transgender, which is so ridiculous that any TER using that argument should be laughed at until they crawl away from embarrassment.

The TERs are also in the transitionary stage of using that argument so there is no consensus on whether it is a good or a bad thing for them. It’s fun watching them contradict each other, and taking screenshots that can be used against them later.


Yep. It sucks when it turns out someone you like or admire looks down on a category of people you belong to… it’s especially tough when it’s a category of people still struggling to gain basic rights in society… but it always feels good to know that someone you admire will use their platform to stand up for your rights…

Yeah, I saw that. She’s awesome and the DW fandom is awesome.

They can fuck right off.

I’m imagining you right now, reading their dumb ass tweets and making screenshots… something like this…

Episode 2 Nbc GIF by Will & Grace


When I was referred to a GIC 20 years ago (I’m getting old) I was first turned down by Newcastle* then got put on a non existent waiting list at Leeds. When someone told me I then managed to get a referal to Charing Cross**, and the whole process only took about a year and a half from my first appointment with a psychiatrist in Carlisle.

I would have probably killed myself if I had to wait six years just to get my first proper appointment at a GIC.

* This was a good thing, since the psychiatrist running it had got himself the nickname Doctor Death because his misogynistic transphobia caused so many suicides. I believe the bastard is now dead but I can’t remember his real name.

** Charing Cross was hardly ideal because of the travel times and costs from Carlisle, but it was better than nothing. Also I had Richard Green for my first couple of appointments :frowning_face:.


At its current assessment rate, it would take The Laurels 1,296 years to assess every patient on its waiting list.



I’ve read some sources on the history of punk in Leeds. Apparently that was where the reaction against Rock Against Racism originated from in the late 70s. The right wing, fascist zine Punk Front was made there. I’m not surprised that they had retrograde views on the issues facing trans folks. I’m glad that you got better care than you would have gotten in Leeds…

Fucking yikes! I did not know him, so I looked him up… Christ, what an asshole.

I am deliriously happy you outlived that scumbag. The world is better off with you in it and him dead.


Have the TERs said anything about Quinn’s guaranteed medal yet? Probably not, AFAB trans people don’t exist in their hate filled minds.


Only someone who hasn’t read Monstrous Regiment – or, really, any of Sir Terry’s books – could imagine he would have sided with the TERF crowd. Pratchett was very firmly against bigotry and oppression in all of its forms, and this definitely included gender-based ones, as evidenced by his take on dwarfs and dwarf society in the DW books.


Who are the snowflakes again? I can never keep it straight.