Today might be the 30th anniversary of Ice Cube having a good day

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"If I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop..."

I remember my senior class all rapping along to this song at the end of the year in our AP English class.

When we got to that part, without missing a beat, we all automatically switched up the word “ass” for the word ‘back’ instead.


But, intentional or not, Ice Cube left a lot of clues about the date of his good day.

But we may never know.


Mr. Cube lost my vote when he went MAGA.

The song and post are about a good day he had, not him.

I wish everyone a good day.


and a good day to you as well, good sir.


Just ask lil Joe when it was Cube picked up his cash flo.


that would work except “Little Joe” (either "back do’ " or “from Kokomo”) is not a person:

but if we’re going to play the game that the narrative is a real day and not a fictional account of what would make a good day, we could easily nail it down by contacting the Goodyear Tire corporation and inquiring as to when their blimp ran the message “Ice Cube’s a pimp”


Ever damn day until he came out as a MAGAt

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Listened to this album to and from school so many times. Still remember all the lyrics to “it was a good day”

I’m not a fan of literalist interpretations of basically anything, though.

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I miss the days when rappers would sing about just surviving through each day on the streets. When people started singing about how much money they got, it undermined the spirit of the genre.

If you’re a fan of early Ice Cube but don’t like his politics, early Spice 1 makes for a great substitute.

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