Tom Hardy disappears into Kray twins in biopic trailer


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Looks like the scientist from “A for Andromeda”! I was wondering when I’d see him in something again.


Where’s the giant hedgehog? through years of BBC documentaries I was led to believe there would be a giant hedgehog named Spiny Norman…


Man, just a few weeks ago I was wondering what happened to The Krays film from the 90’s and if anyone remembers it or even saw it. Guess I got my answer.


Looks awesome. I am not sure if I like the “summer comedy” cut of the trailer, though. Is it violent, is it funny, is it dark comedy?,Let’s hope they deliver (Helgeland has a fantastic writer’s resume…)


Anyone know the song in the trailer?


Tom Hardy? You mean the guy who played “Mad Max” in… “Mad Max: Fury Road?” He’s been in something like a half dozen or so movies in the last few years, not to mention television.


Ah, answered my own question:

Dang, those guys are everywhere these days.


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