TOM THE DANCING BUG: A Long Time Ago, Generations Far Far Away


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First I was like, “it’s funny but I can’t relate because I don’t have a geeky fanboy dad dragging me to see the new Star Wars movie.”

Then I remembered “oh shit, I’m the geeky fanboy dad.”


yes, there definitely has been an improvement over time.


Heh, I kinda feel the same way though I had no wish to rush out and see it this time around as I have mellowed a bit in fanboyism… plus if it ends up sucking I don’t feel bad about waiting for DVD.
However on the last posting of a trailer here I showed it to the kid and it ended with ‘tickets on sale now’ and he said GET TICKETS NOW. So tomorrow evening at 7:30 I will be geeky fanboy dad.


I miss the good ol’ days where they would just ship you off to boarding school and maybe show up at the marriage they arranged.


“Cap”? Since when has that been a name, or even a nickname?


It’s been growing in popularity now that the comic geek generation is raising families. My kids are named Cap, Bruce, Stark and Black Widow.


Well, despite being named Louis, my grandfather was called Cap by literally everyone his whole life (except of course being “dad” and “grandad” to my father and I). …but since he was born in 1908, perhaps that sort of proves your point…


I’ve just returned from the local premiere and I’ll tell you this: you most certainly will not regret going.


thank you for saying so little (and yet so much.) i’m advocating for officially renaming today as “avoid the internet day.”



Just need a Dr Strange and happy families!

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