Galactic conquest is HERE! New Invader Zim special announced


This was a teaser I was surprised to find yesterday! Apparently the recent Zim comics deal with Nickelodeon has been working out well enough to finally get an agreement about more work for television. Involving the original cast and crew. I have no idea what it will be, but I will definitely be looking into it.


My kids were slightly too young when I tried to introduce Invader Zim, and they found it genuinely scary. Nevertheless, they love the Doom Song, and when pretending to be injured in combat, we still occasionally shout “ow! my squeedlyspooch!”


One of my kids was having a really hard time at nine years, being autistic and dealing with some of the uglier sides of divorce. Worried about parental reprisals, trouble at school, and generally feeling terrified and alienated. Introducing them to Invader Zim then was perfect timing. It was their introduction to dark humor, and the realization that other people deal with annoyance, obsession, futile power struggles, etc. It got them to laugh when they were in a very dark place.

And this was a kid who (at the time) thought that Marvel movies were “too scary”.


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they love the Doom Song


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