TOM THE DANCING BUG: A Patriotic Debate

The one thing I find interesting about this whole Patriots deflation thing is the idea that the Patriots DID deflate the balls, but did so within the rules-- the rulebook says the balls have to be inflated with “room temperature air” but doesn’t specify that temperature (or which room), and it also states that once the balls are approved by the refs they are legal. . . SO, the Patriots could keep the balls totally flat until game time, then inflate them in the sauna to the minimum PSI, and immediately bring to the refs who approve them. . . except by game time they have cooled and deflated. Sneaky, but still according to the letter of the rules.

I know most boingers don’t give a flying f$%k about football (and I myself only give a passing f$%k), but I DO get a big kick out of sneaky subterfuge, so I am hoping that’s what happened. I know Bill Nye has shot this theory down, but from what he said it doesn’t appear he gave it too much thought, whereas other scientists and engineers have done some math that suggests it could be done.

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