TOM THE DANCING BUG: A Patriotic Debate


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If being obsessed with talking about football inflation were a reason someone didn’t have a job there’d be a lot of ESPN commentators collecting unemployment checks.


Also - go Hawks!!! 12th Man!!!


It’s my belief that Inflationgate is getting so much air time simply because the talking heads get to giggle to themselves every time they mention “inflated balls”


But we can’t disqualify the Patriots and hold a new AFC Championship game between the Colts and Ravens . . . it would delay the Super Bowl a couple weeks, think of the effect on the economy!

i can’t believe i was just duped into reading a sports comic. i’m so gullible. /facepalm


Didn’t see that one coming! And is it just me, or does it look like Paul Krugman has lost a little weight? If so, we are definitely in a deflationary spiral. I expect the Fed to act accordingly, wrongly and ineffectually. As usual.


I was on an hour layover at the airport. The airport terminal gate is now become the ONLY place I ever encounter CNN these days. They dedicated a full hour to Deflate Gate. Ah, now I remember why I stopped watching cable news 15 years ago.
But seriously folks. GO SEAHAWKS!!! Beast Mode Shall Not Be Stopped! Tom Brady’s grandma wears combat boots.

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I have allotted my daily dose of outrage to the fact that “deflategate” made it into my “Domestic” newsfeed, instead of staying firmly in the “Stupid Fucking Nonsense” category where it belongs. The one upside being that Bill Nye shot down the Patriots’ coach attempt at science.

Other than that, I like The Onion’s take on things:


Paul Krugman? I thought that was supposed to be Robert Reich!

Twin sons of different mothers. Or maybe ya seen one elbow patch jacket economist, ya seen em all.

I still <3 Paul for his Ayn Rand quote (and the paper on interstellar trading economics - I bet Charlie Stross <3s that paper too)

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All these economists look alike to me…

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That economist-ist!

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Won’t someone think of the economists!?!

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That’s why I like TtDB so much. You seldom do.

Bob? Dude’s a fake, just look at his elbows!

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On the contrary, that’s two more weeks to sell more potato chips, beer, and Laz-E-Boys!

I wish that pictures for sad children hadn’t imploded. They had the best sports commentary comic of all time.

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What, no patches? :smile:

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