TOM THE DANCING BUG - Bob Buys Soup. You Won't Believe What Happens Next


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Life’s little victories are often followed by crushing defeats . . . the clams were bad and Bob spends the rest of the day in the bathroom.


Doesn’t Bob realize that soup is monstrous food?


Clearly, Bob should read more Boing Boing to sus out such information. How would THAT break up his routine and challenge his safe little world?


Next week: The woman at the register recognizes Bob! She laughs and says, “Here’s Mister Can-I-Have Both!” Bob is startled. Is this a trap, or have the tables actually turned? It’s impossible to tell, because the tables are square. He laughs nervously and says, “Yeah.” Then he decides to test his advantage. “Yeah, both kinds of bread for me…please.” The woman winks at him as she puts two slices into his bag. This, thinks Bob, is the start of something big.

Stay tuned!


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Of course you would, because you don’t want to miss Bob developing an equally uncomfortable rapport with the kid who takes his orders. “I’m in a band called Vampyroteuthis Sapiens,” the kid
tells him. “We’re playing at B.B. King’s on Friday. Come on down and I’ll get you in for free.”
“I’ll try to do that,” says Bob, knowing deep down that he has no intention of going.

Later: Whenever Bob sees the beat-up green Chevy pickup decorated with Primus, Ear X-Tacy, and VS stickers in the parking lot he decides to get lunch somewhere else.

I’ll stop now.


Nice one, Bob.


He went home and canned it to get those carrots down to an edible size.


Jeez, can a guy get a trigger warning?

Cold sweat…

The carrots… the enormous carrots… the size of an ARM!!!


Get out of my head!!!

Clam chowder? Don’t ask…

I like the clickbait title! I can’t wait for “Bob’s Seven Favorite Kinds Of Soup!”

i felt much better after reading this comic ,
UNTIL i read the comments !!
oh well , maybe tomorrow ~

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