TOM THE DANCING BUG: Bob Figures Out Invincibility




I think I missed the joke.


But it is a rather nice solution to the age old problem.
That Bob sure can figure stuff out!


It’s too bad Bob is a one-shot. If he were a recurring character he could experience the superhero version of feature creep, revealing new powers whenever the writer backed himself into a corner.


I believe it’s a commentary on how much time humans spend thinking about situations they will never be in rather than focusing on matters relevant to their lives. Less “funny-ha-ha” and more “funny-ha… oh…”


Just like they did with Superman in the Silver Age…


I know it says don’t tell, but … do tell. Looks like some sort of ‘Gay Ray’ power.


What happens when Bob teleports himself into a solid object? He’d have to wait until his mana has recharged. The best bet for Bob is to teleport 1 mile straight up, or at least at a slight incline.


"Detecting a disturbance under Metropolis, Superman goes under ground to quell seismic activity, and uncovers an alien ship. The ship explodes upon it’s contact with him, and later when he spots some crooks, he realizes that his conventional powers (except for flight and invulnerability) have been replaced with a new power: rainbow beams that he shoots out of his hands which cause the crooks to instantly surrender. What Superman soon learns is that his hands actually shoot a miniature version of himself that can utilize all his lost powers.

After a series of assists, Superman can’t help but feel some resentment towards the “Superman Proxy”, as it has his full powers and is getting all the press attention. Later, the Proxy ends up acting on it’s own stopping crimes before Superman becomes aware of them. However, when a group of criminals tries to kill Superman with a chunk of Kryptonite, the Proxy ends up sacrificing itself by knocking it into the ocean where it can’t harm him. With the Proxy being deceased, Superman gains his original powers back and gathers up the crooks. "


It´s the power to be fabulous!


It’s kinda like my neighbor who says “all I want is one million dollars, that’s all I need. . . no wait, two mill. . . THREE million dollars, that’s it, then I would be set . . . or maybe ten million. . . .”

it’s not like anyone is going to grant your wish anyway.


This appears to be a cooldown rather than a mana ability.


And that’s all I need! And this paddle game. And this chair.


So send him to the moon. With one mile a day it’ll take him 600 years to get back.


This superpower would have greatly improved the last Superman movie.

“I’m grim and Nolany, but la la la rainbows!”


Send him into the sun, and 1 mile a day will never be enough to escape its gravitational pull.

What good is an eternity spent at the center of a ball of burning helium?


Enh, eventually it will explode or something and he can go see the universe. If you want to be invincible, you better learn to be patient.


Did someone say “Gay Ray?”


Our sun isn’t big enough to go nova. It will just slowly die out.

That said, he’s going to be much less dense than the stellar core material, and should float to the surface eventually. Not that it’s going to do much good because there’s still nowhere worth going that’s only a mile from the sun. Best bet would be to keep a sharp eye out for a comet or something (and good luck seeing anything on the surface of the sun) and trying to catch a ride.

Traveling forever though the emptiness of space is only a marginal improvement over being stuck in the center of the sun though.


Is invincibility the same as immortality?

I always figured in the super hero universe invincibility just meant nothing could hurt you, not that you didn’t age.