What Would Your Superpower Be?

The classic game, with the classic question: You can have any one superpower or thematic set you want (barring straight-up reality warpers, because they’re no fun). What power(s) do you want?

Kicking it off: preferably being able to heal myself and other people, but telekinesis is always fun, especially if I only need a live TV feed for targeting. :slight_smile:


Same one as Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark and Oliver Queen. . :slight_smile:

Or failing that, hyper-plasticity would be fun. SpinelessWonderMan to the rescue!

I have a proposal for you regarding the next few Superbowls…


i’ll go with the two superpowers i already possess.

my major power is to combine patience with stubbornness to become WEATHERING & EROSION MAN! as my students have learned, i will eventually overcome all resistance and wear you down.

my minor power is that i can cure hiccups by having the sufferer look into my eyes “and take this seriously.” i look back into their eyes with a bland expression and within 15-20 seconds their hiccups are gone. over the past 14 years since i discovered this power i have a 99% cure rate with over 1000 cured.


We play this all the time. My superpower is to select any superpower I like, any time, with no restrictions.


I would like the ability to keep horizontal surfaces free from clutter.


i dub thee-- sir recursive sir!


just curious, where would the clutter go if not onto a horizontal surface ?


So the “Dial H for Hero” approach?


I did say “no reality warpers”! :smile:


It can go on some horizontal surfaces. My superpower would be to keep it from spreading.


I always wanted to freeze and unfreeze time.


I would like invisibility.

My real-life superpower is that I always remember where the car is parked, even in huge parking lots, even after being gone for two weeks, even if we drove in someone else’s car. It’s actually pretty great.

Still, if I could become invisible at will, making my clothing and glasses invisible as well, I’d go for that instead.


Well telepathy would definitely be out. There are some things you really don’t want to know about the person next to you.

Teleportation would be my choice.
-I hate commuting.
-I hate living in a small overpriced condo, just so I can be closer to work.
-I hate going to airports.
-I like to travel


can you prove the miracle cures? if so: call the pope!

okay okay, you have to be dead. but St. navarro will look great on your tombstone


I already have some dumb superpowers. I have the power to summon AutoCAD and ArcGIS errors no one knew existed, and I can pass a puck over an opposing player’s stick to my teammate at a 99%+ success rate.

Oh, almost forgot my ability to use a map only one time to find a new place, and never needing a map to get there ever again. Seriously. Didn’t go to the Minnesota Zoo for 25 years, never drove there before (rode my bike when I was a kid), but still drove there, from the opposite direction, like I’d been going there once a year for the entire time interval. Hell, before they passed, I got to my grandparents house, a place I’d never driven myself to before, without a map, coming from the east and south, instead of the north or west like we always did when I was a kid.

The superpower I would like today is the power to remotely explode phishing servers. Srsly, two spoofed calls that I didn’t answer in less than two hours. [edt] Just got a 3rd one with the highly improbable number of 0000000000. WTF?


Flying (assuming high speed). It’s close to teleportation, but with the advantage of being able to teleport into the sky without all the falling. Would never need to deal with the TSA again. Could save a ton on gas. Easy access to millions of interesting places. It’s the best bird-watching power - I could readily see penguins, puffins, toucans, macaws, mot-mots, et al in their native habitats. Bird photography would be at new levels. Also no worries about the moral crises some powers bring.


My superpower involves the ability to acquire every bad habit of my exes – it’s a constant struggle to use the powers for good and not evil… (stolen from some old stand-up routine)


Is crabbiness a superpower? On good days my field strength reaches Calvin levels.


It would be nice to never get sick, like Bruce Willis’s character in Unbreakable.


I’ve always wanted to be able to edit thread titles on the BBS.