University student scientists study: "Who’s the best-equipped superhero?"


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I still contend Green Lantern could beat Superman.

In case in ring-made bubble. Cover that bubble in lead. Warp to a red sun. Deposit Superman in it’s core.

The crux being can Green Lantern’s will power out strong Superman’s strength. I think Hal Jordon could.

For just about anyone else, he could just pick them up and fly them into space. Maybe Wolvie could heal after having his lungs burst and freezing solid, but he won’t be fighting any time soon.

But yes, other than that, Superman is incredibly powerful.


I do like Neil deGrasse Tyson’s observation that so much energy stored in such a small space would make heroes like Iron Man and Superman highly radioactive… and hot.


[quote=“pesco, post:1, topic:79752”]University of Leicester students spent 7 years using math and physics principles[/quote]It pays some of the bills, I guess?


Well. the answer here is it should be Deadpool. Because he is functionally immortal. Dude cannot die.

That said, we all know the answer is Batman, because he beats everyone.


All Rogue has to do is touch Superman, Mystique and Thor.

Rogue wins.



(Discourse no likey big comics…)


The short version of the headline looks like it’s asking which superhero has the best equipment. Obviously, that’s Batman.


Obviously Superman - because his super power is not any of his super powers. His super power is that his writers are, no matter what happens to him, willing to say ‘Nuh UHH!! He wins because he has… uh… SUPER FINGERNAIL GROWTH!’ He’s a demigod with all the powers a five-year-old would ever give him to make sure he always wins.


I thought Rogue could only steal Mutant powers.

She’d defeat Mystique pretty easily, but Superman and Thor have different power sources for their powers.


But how’s she going to get through Iron Man’s suit?


I miss the old . Right now I can recall at least one cover in which Superman did somehow end up against a foe with an embarrassing range of every power ever. Now all we get is:

I guess there’s always the wiki.


And none of them thought of Dr. Manhattan? Clearly student research sucks, because I’m pretty sure he trumps all the listed ones with ease.


Inspector Gadget has anything he needs at any time simply by commanding it to appear.


But that animated green suit…don’t know man.


That never happened!!! LALALALALA not listening!!!


That was the Roger Corman version of Green Lantern. Starring God’s Perfect Idiot!



Please. Batman took out the mop headed idiot GL with like 1 punch. Plus we all know how this ends - Batman has worked out a plan to take out every single super hero in case they go rogue. :wink:


Boasting a super-powered array of skills, Superman, if obeying the ‘Law of Energy Conservation’, could exhibit a calculated stored solar energy output of 7.07x105 Joules per second for his ‘Super Flare’ attack. It is also shown that the ‘Man of Steel’, in theory, could have higher density muscle tissue than the average human which could aid in several of his superhuman abilities.

GMAFB, people. 700 kilowatts is automobile power output. A single-engine F-16 Falcon generates about 5.7 MEGAwatts (at around Mach 1 – it’s speed dependent) or about 80 times Superman’s all-out last-ditch burnout power output. Except the F-16 can keep it up until it runs out of fuel. And it can carry drop tanks.

I don’t know where they got that number, but it’s a long way from “super” heroic.