Tom the Dancing Bug: John Kelly's American Tales of Immigration


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH White House Chief of Staff John Kelly shares the successful immigration story of his own great-grandparents!



It’s not funny because it’s true.


Yeah, even reading these “funny” treatments of the situation are definitely bad for my blood pressure.



Put into foster care, raised by loving American foster parents, and when they’re adults, booted out of the country because no one filed their naturalization papers, or whatever.


The “Christ, what an asshole” keys on my keyboard are worn down to nubs.


hehe ‘nubs’
I’ll put that on my list of words I like disproportionately.


:cry: We are fucking up, people.


That sentence also works without the comma.

We’re fucking up people.


Given the subject matter, I guess that it is fitting that the video is not available outside of the US. :smiley:


That’s a best-case scenario. The reality is that the foster care is unvetted, sometimes is actually human traffickers, sometimes is people looking for child labor, sometimes is child molesters… where kids are going missing at an alarming rate. The “whatever” right now is warehousing (like in a literal warehouse, surrounded by chain-link fences, with 24 hour lighting).


Foster care or Whatever? But what if there’s blood coming from it?


… but validation of your morals and sense of ethics!

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