TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. "Boiling a Frog," and MORE


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Super-Fun-Pak Comix features "World of Computers," "How to Draw Doug," and far, far more!


This is a very, very, very old rerun. How many people smoke after sex anymore?


All of them who don't use enough lubrication.



cool how the Marital Mirth strip is a minimalist, deadpan recapitulation of the all-time great "two pickets to tittsburgh" joke, sans the superfluous pseudo-realistic fictionalization - payoff is a sober snort rather than a guilty guffaw - opens the door to an array of possible retelling styles, eagerly anticipated - at root, there are only a few stories


I took it as a send-up of a strip I always thought was awful, "The Lockhorns".


I don't know that one. Is it like "A Sale Of Two Titties" by Daryl's Chickens?


I keep thinking of Glasbergen's "The Better Half". "Unlike some other cartoon couples, “The Better Half” took a gentler, more affectionate and topical look at married life," he says; I suppose the bar is pretty low.


With a little "Andy Capp" thrown in on occasion for good measure.


Boiling a Frog was brilliant

...and sad


It's funny horrifying because it's true!


The well known dutch author???


well, you can google it, but none of the text or video versions get the nuance right - told properly it wields a pro wrestler's one-two punch of slapstick and bitterness


Happily, not something that will ever be a problem for BoingBoingers:


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