🍅 Hate the Chef, love the Condiments 🌭


Black olive, pineapple is BEST pizza. :rage:


Now that’s a diet I could get behind!


I want some of this. I forgot I wanted it last time I was in London.


The sliced Black olives on pizzas are not natural.

There. I said it


Indeed, they are preturnaturally delicious.


This will be happening. Soon. Will report back with pictures.


(looks over thread)

So, this is what it looks like when people don’t have access to quality head cheese, scrapple, or pork roll.

Set against one another in a contest about how to bring taste to the unpalatable.


Hey, now. No need to knock the Hawaiian pizza. (even though its creator doesn’t actually have any relationship to Hawaii…)

Of course. Green olives are the way to go.



Though @japhroaig has also been guilty of this sort of blasphemy for a while.


I like olives and pineapple on pizza… together. Salty and sweet! Om nom nom.


It only seems weird. Salt brings out the sweetness in pineapple (BBQd pineapple seasoned with salt and pepper) and the acidic sharp/sour in pineapple works well with fish (like prawn and pineapple curry or fish tacos with pineapple salsa).


I’m pretty sure I posted that above… But two mosses are awesomess.


If you ever point me to an olive I like, I’ll give you a Nobel prize. In the mean time, I don’t trust your judgement on that wretched, vile, disgusting ‘food’.


Just think of them as “Tree Anchovies”.

But gross, natch.


It doesn’t sound weird at all, my mind is blown by how obvious this is now, and it never occurred to me.

Between this and fairy bread I may need to stop reading your posts, if only to protect my health. I’m a little terrified you’re becoming my food muse.


Probably a smart move. I don’t have much in the way of rules when it comes to cookery.


New band name.


:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

And particularly important for this topic:


G-d must love us

Everything is upside down
Everything is sunny side up
It’s ubiquitous
Enigmatic and
They can’t trick us
With no hot dogmatic

It’s food, food, food
Make no mistake about it
Food, food, food


Please, may we have some more?