🍅 Hate the Chef, love the Condiments 🌭


It’s pronounced Aye-Oh-Lee!!

I’ve gotta do everything around here.




Can I perchance procure a jar of SAMMICH SPREAD for messier?


Anybody tried Bombay Sandwich Spread? (From various brands or recipes)

A medley of fresh coriander and mint leaves, spiked with green chillies and a hint of coconut.

I don’t think I ever put it on a burger or hotdog - more fool I.


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Looks like this is a thing:





Need to put that Simpson’s cake in the cake thread, too! :yum:


whip the A1 and mayo together for thick-cut fried potato wedges served alongside a T-bone


So people put maple syrup on sausage and/or bacon.
And a hot dog is a sausage… and made of pork…soooo…


Maple Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs on the Grill - Kraft Recipes

Or, if you hate yourself:

Ketchup-n-hotdog purists take heart – the red stuff is raspberry jam.


Victory! I managed to choke back the gag response from that one.


The Donut Dog. Truly a thing of wonder! :smiley: :fork_knife_plate:


That’s not a thing of wonder…

Behold The Bacon And Mac ‘n’ Cheese-Wrapped Corn Dog!
…imagine wrapping a corn dog in mac ‘n’ cheese and then a bacon crust!

I assume that the proper condiment for this is a liquid suspension of Lipitor.


It’s a good job I won’t ever visit the USA. I’d weigh, like, 700lbs by the time my holiday was over. :laughing:


Be to sure to stop by the Purgatorium on your way out.


I really, really, REALLY want to read that book!


That’s just a fancy name for the exit.

I really hope it is.



We made you put hot dogs on a hamburg bun?? Jeez, that’s like shooting landscapes in portrait mode…


Indeed that sandwich spread looks messier than Miracle Whip.