Tongue kissing your Venus flytrap is not a good idea


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Hmmm, @SpunkyTWS, ever french a flytrap? :wink:


Why is it not a good idea? Technically it’s not bestiality.


Kinky, very kinky.


I only loved my carnivorous plant collection platonically. Although I was tempted to lick a sundew to see if they were as tasty as they looked.


it’s a slippery slope my friend, it starts out technically not bestiality and then one thing leads to another and you’re marrying a sheep.


I… would have expected that … I mean that boingboing of all sites would know… cunnilingus.


next thing you know, people will be abusing cucumbers and bananas in questionable ways!

…Wait. They what? And with durian too??


If you don’t want people to try making out with a plant then you shouldn’t name it after the Roman Goddess of love and sex.


why was this fake video posted? i don’t get it…for the humor value?


I have a sundew. It sits on my kitchen windowsill and I call it Jean Green.


Everything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough.


In fairness, they can be very persuasive


A Venus Douche Trap.


Slippery elm trees are not as well-lubricated as the name implies. I WAS LIED TO.


Now we need a test to detect psychopathy in venus flytraps.


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