Tonka criminals attempt to crack ATM with backhoe


…Tonka? Like… the toys?



Not the same.

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with just a tiny amount of planning, the heist would have been a success.

Either more planning, or less alcohol. I think he actually had it right around 2:17, just needed to swing around and take the bucket in through the top of the drawer and scrape the cash chamber out.

I seem to recall that using construction equipment is one of the few demonstrable ways to successfully abscond with an ATM. is all I can find at the moment.

It helps to think of an ATM machine as a safe. Unless one is very skilled, one is probably not going to casually bust a safe open in public within the span of a few minutes. Better to take it somewhere where you can work on it.

Or - the best possible option might just be to carry some thermite around! Then you can use it to destroy both the ATM and also the cash inside. Success!

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Got something against Caterpillar? You’ve got a John Deere there. In all fairness, an excavator of that size would be awfully difficult to set up at the scene of a crime.

This is the 420D. Yes, it’s a backhoe.

Same thing happened last month just up the road in rural Herefordshire UK

Have something against Deere?

Really I wasn’t so much irritated at the main story as the “old” one that is linked to where it says he used an excavator, while the actual link clearly states backhoe. Of course that story doesn’t makes sense anyway considering it starts with a 40x12 foot hole and then proceeds to say he abandons a backhoe after digging up a 15’ wide section of highway and getting it stuck… So maybe he used an excavator for the 40x12 and a backhoe on the highway don’t know.

I was just making sure everybody knew what was what…

True enough. And only one of the stories mentions Caterpillar, so…

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