Tony Benn, secret mounter of illegal Parliamentary plaques




The British Suffragettes really did go thru a lot of shit to get the votes for women. Go download the BBC series Shoulder to Shoulder (1974) to get the full story. Especially memorial was the scene of Mrs. Pankhurst being force fed with a rubber tube down her nose.


He then put his knowlege of heating ducts to good use, surreptitiously repairing residential and commercial environtmental control systems without filing the proper paperwork.


Don't you mean Tony Tenn?


I hear Rob Cockerham intends to sue.


It's generally believed that she did not 'throw herself under the King's horse', but was trying to pin a flag on it and suffered an accident. Her wikipedia entry covers the evidence.


Anthony Wedgwood Benn
Is one of the bravest of men.
The worst in life he can fear
Is ending it as a Peer.

Spike Milligan.


I had no idea the term "suffragette" was considered pejorative (or diminutive). I'm pretty sure that's the word that was used to describe these women in our Canadian history class. But that was 20 years ago, so who knows if what this scrambled egg mess up in my skull is telling me happened actually happened?


The man held up well in an interview with Ali G, too:


For a second there I thought he was mounting fake plaques, as it seems like the sort of outlandish satire one would find at Wondermark or Married to the Sea. But indeed, it seems one cannot make these things up.


It's one of those words that started as a pejorative, apparently coined in the Daily Mail, but was reclaimed by the movement. So, you were taught the correct term, but weren't taught the negative origins (nor was I.)


I screwed them up myself

It's rare to see a politician admit that.


Has anyone ever seen Tony Benn and Banksy in the same room?


Great and wonderful man, and credit to the reporter for documenting this brilliant thing.


Tony Benn had an engineering background, so his being a bit of a hacker is no surprise. One of his greatest hacks was the SST, which he backed completely and at great political expense. He really wanted to see that plane built, even if there was no real world justification for it. It hasn't been flying for some time now, and it left no successor, but it was an amazing piece of technology.


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