Top Russian anti-corruption official had $120M in cash in his apartment


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This anti-corruption official is really good at his job; by funneling large amounts of the corruption money to himself, he reduces corruption opportunities for non-anti-corruption officials.


You know, I’m also really against that corruption stuff. I might not be the top guy against it but I’m really up there.


Obviously we need anti-corruption officials to police the anti-corruption officials, and so on ad infinitum.


Well, there goes the new work from home incentive.


It’s anti-corruption all the way down.


Is it possible that since this is being reported on RT it’s just a frame?


Is that all? Relatively speaking, it looks like they’ve got one of the more honorable officials in that job.


The first ones to go down for corruption are the ones who don’t make enough money from corruption to keep their superiors paid off.


I coincidentally just watched Russian movie “The Fool” last night (, which not only neatly - and ruthlessly - shows how a corrupt system punishes those who aren’t corrupt, but how the constraints created by corruption force people into accepting and even perpetrating outright atrocities, even while they’re horrified by them. It’s quite the (bleak and depressing) film.


“TASS quoted police sources who said the money was found in a bag.”

The real news here is bag technology. This one was somehow able to handle over 2600 pounds. How are capitalist bagmen supposed to keep up with that kind of ‘bag-gap’ developing?


While I like the frame-up theory, it could’ve been accomplished a lot more cheaply, no? Surely $5M would already have been suspicious. Okay, $10M.

Nah, this is just the natural outcome of corruption investigations. Once you know who’s got it coming in, you know whom to blackmail.


Zakharchenko refused to comment

Good strategy.


And why isn’t BB flogging that very bag in the fabulous BB Store?


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Not only 2600 pounds, but a considerable volume as well. Many years ago demonstrated the volume of a mere $1,000,000 (in $100 bills):


Speak knows why this happen.

(Is bizniz!)


It is completely backwards to confiscate money as evidence and only then investigate where it came from. If they were doing something illegal (not unlikely) it should not be too much trouble to start with a proper investigation.


I used to bundle/ship/unbundle super large volumes of cash (for a legitimate bank, not FIFA or anything). That amount of money would fit in a walk in closet, maybe a regular closet, but not in a suitcase or bag… Assuming it was in the 100 USD. Largest Ruble bill is worth 75-80 USD.

There was a push at some point to do away with the $100 and $50 USD bills to make it hard for large volumes of cash to be hidden/trafficked.


“That money was just RESTING in my account!”