Top Russian scientist dead in mysterious fall at Moscow Aviation Institute

Oh! Has anyone posted this Wikipedia page yet?


HALO with extra emphasis on the Low part?

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Ok so let’s assume some/all of these not-so-mysterious deaths are because the oligarchs in question were not being good enough little Putinites according to the whims of the head Putin.

Is this merely some sort of retribution - pour encourager les autres?

If so, it does not seem to be working that well.

And once they are dead, what happens to their fortunes? Does whatever they own revert to the state (=Putin’s war chest)? Is this more of a motive?


Do they no longer teach flying?


An improperly sedated and very hungry tiger for one of his photo ops?


I wish I could look at some actuarial tables on accidental deaths in Russia and see how the rate among oligarchs compares with that of the wider population. I’ve seen so many “Only in Russia” memes that I wonder if these deaths are occurring because somebody decided to try to climb from one balcony to another or to use an extension ladder propped on a beer cooler.


“Tragic Topless Fall From Horse.”


If they weren’t billionaire oligarchs I’d say that’s a possibility. But these guys have minions and henchpersons to do their balcony shenanigans and dumb ladder/beer cooler stunts.


It was posted as a bit of gallows humour, but I’m pretty distressed that more than one involve wife and kids.

Made worse by the earlier comments on who the wealth returns too


There could also be an element, of omfg, wtf am i a part of?

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… but also that people over 70 tend to keel over regardless, especially in the Third World, which includes Russia these days :thinking:


yeah, i somewhat lean less towards a window assassination squad and more towards maybe there’s a cultural reason for it as a method of suicide

an american man would likely use a gun ( and guns of course increase the rate of suicide ) but if guns aren’t available and it isn’t a passing moment of depression - then other methods might get used

i think it’s also totally possible there is a window squad, but fiddling with cars, home intrusions, poison, or guns seem just as likely to me if not more


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‘Top Russian scientist dead in mysterious fall at Moscow Aviation Institute’

All these scientists and oligarchs falling to their deaths in Russia rather makes me wonder if they have the same health and safety guys who fitted out the Death Star but neglected to fit it with handrails and safety barriers.


Now launching a new charity: Handrails For Russia. All donations accepted, including parachutes, bungee cords, and abseiling harnesses.


Not for oligarchs


Legendary Russian filmmaker, **Alexander Sokurov’s mini-series Confession (1998), purportedly a drama, but — upon viewing — actually a “stealth” documentary, illustrates the absolutely miserable existence of young spiritless skin-and-bones sailors aboard a decrepit Russian ship in the Barents Sea: Old poorly maintained equipment in need of repair; food that does nothing good for morale; scrounging parties ashore; mundane soul-sucking tasks; cockroaches on the ship, etc. The mini-series verifies a Russia that has lost submarines; wrestled with their sole aircraft carrier – problem prone and damaged by fire; and now having to use old Soviet era equipment in the war in Ukraine. Damaged equipment. Damaged people. In a damaging system.

**Currently prohibited from leaving Russia due to his criticism of the war in the Ukraine.


Hypothermia while riding a Yakutian horse shirtless through Siberia?


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