Top Saudi cleric: "Twitter is the source of all evil"



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Where did evil and devastation come from before Twitter?


Jews, but we probably invented Twitter… and evil and devastation.


It was a tossup between women and infidels.


Twevil twomen twinfidel twitterers.


No, it’s the love of Twitter that is the root of all evil…


I thought 25.806975801127880315188420605149 was the root of all evil?


The fact that Twitter would exist in the future, of course.


What ever happened to money being the root of all evil? That was something I could really get behind but Twitter…


Comic books and rock music, of course.




Stopped clocks and all that…


It’s hip to be jaded about Twitter and all, but the article makes a good case for people in SA loving it because it gives them an avenue for freer discussion. People who want to control you tend to both (a) be attracted to religious office and (b) use that office to condemn forms of speech they do not control to be evil.

Right in line with the “Liberal media conspiracy!” thing, TBH.




Yeah, I was thinking this is about as close as I’ll get to being in agreement with a top Saudi cleric!


In agreement with both a Saudi cleric and Slate, Your Source for Contrarian Bullshit ™


I love that the source of all evil is limited to using 140 characters.

The Screwtape Twitters would maybe be something I would follow.


So if Twitter is the source of ALL evil and devastation… is everything else off the hook for it?

Devastation from forrest fire - source was not careless smoker or lightning strike but twitter. Storms and smokers can now go nuts since they will no longer be the source of any devastation?


That was Jesus who said that, damn Jewish radical nut cases again…


You know, I never thought of twitter as an ontologically basic entity. And here I thought the difficulty with the Problem of Evil in monotheistic/Abrahamic religions was there there is only one first cause, one root of all existence.