Top Trump aide emailed campaign officials about proposed contact with Putin


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That sound you are hearing is the shit hitting the fan.


FSM I hope so!


I can’t help but imagine the number of people last year feeling exactly like this while reading about her latest emails.


Oh man, this is fun. I’m looking forward to further meltdowns and freakouts by our lovely POTUS, as well as watching his party and cabinet try to distance themselves from him even further.




At this point, so many attempts have been revealed to hook up the Trump campaign with the Russian government/intelligence to give them a boost against Hillary, that if Trump somehow wasn’t personally involved or aware of it, it was despite the fact that the vast majority of the people in his campaign were involved in it. Which means, if he honestly was totally unaware - which isn’t very credible - that they were keeping him deliberately in the dark, and his campaign and presidency are still hopelessly compromised by Russian interference that Trump wasn’t even aware of. (Given how dumb Trump is, he’s probably not aware of how compromised he is by the Russians even if he was personally meeting with them on a regular basis.)

Ehhhh. As nice as the schadenfreude is, someone mapped the dates of his conversations with Republicans over the Russia investigation that frustrated him so much with his inflammatory tweets and statements about North Korea. The result of which is that he clearly is taking his aggro about the investigation over to his treatment of NK, which means if he’s feeling any more cornered and upset, he’ll probably move to outright threats of nuclear war over Twitter…


We’ve been hearing that sound since the middle of last year. It doesn’t seem to stop people from wanting to get all messy.


Republicans are coprophiliacs.


Such fearmongering! Obviously, when he says “Kremlin,” he means, “Comet Pizza.” The part about Putin was obviously a clever pun on cheese pizza. In Russian.


Come on - roast this pig already.


Oh, He is roasting. Very slowly. Sous Vide.

Let’s just hope he’s done before he busts free and hurts someone.


Are you kidding me? He’s got them right where he wants them: with his balls in their vise. Watch 'em sweat!


On the identity of the person from WV, I saw speculation that it might be Jim Justice, the WV governor, who just publicly switched to Republican Party, and who sold his coal mining interests to Russians in 2009 for $568M, then bought them back for paltry $5M in 2015.


Doing the nigh impossible here: Defending Donald:

  1. For all the enabling of Russia to interfere in the election (or karma for decades of the US interfering in foreign elections – including Russia in 1989 – coming back to bite us in the ass), Donald was elected with an approximately 3M deficit.
  2. What students of Donald’s career nonetheless overlooked, maybe Donald’s doing what he always does to a lender, employee, contractor or partner: screwing them over. Really, there was no reason to think that Donald going tit for tat with Russia for getting him elected. It’s not what Donald does. Besides, he didn’t even want to get elected; he just wanted to come close so he’d look presidential and enhance the brand, which was reduced to licensing, getting sued, and collapsing TV ratings.

  1. The point is that the effort was made, not that it was successful (though it was, popular vote aside). In any case the real goal was to undermine American confidence in Western liberal-democratic institutions.

  2. The only thing Il Douche had to do in exchange for the loans from Putin’s pet banking oligarchs was to take “their” advice on hiring the best, really the most elegant campaign advisors – not worth screwing over his creditors on. Having people like Manafort, Flynn, Page, Sessions, Dearborn, etc. in place was critical to real goal described above, whether the general election or primary was won or lost.


Unfortunately, the roast won’t be done for about eight years.


Just a reminder, this has always been about an oil deal. Tillerson was no mistake.




Eight years is one duration that it certainly won’t be.

Depending on how things turn out in the near future, he’ll be gone in a few months, or he’ll be there until he’s dead or otherwise medically incapacitated.