Just wanted to share this music video I’ve enjoyed.

Caravan Palace · Lone Digger

Why? Not my favorite song by that band, but the video’s got everything.

  • Furries!
  • Electro-swing! Sorry, @GilbertWham.
  • Fun animation style. 2D? 3D? Cel shading? Flash-style vectors? Rotoscoping? Non-shitty low frame rate? YES TO ALL. Why are the French so good at this?
  • Fun aesthetics. Dapper, expressive cartoon character design. Moody low key light. 80s purple-pink neon colors.
  • Completely, Tarantinesquely over-the-top ultra-violence just for the hell of it. Comb to the eye!
  • Sexist, speciesist clichés! A new take on the “Bartender always lives” trope! Deep messages there. OK, not really.



I like their sound, have for a while, but I generally go to shows to watch the drummer.

Same reason I never bothered to go see Orbital or Daft Punk.

And exactly why I loved ThinkTree.

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I see I missed your point. Sorry!


We’re cool. You’re cool.


Forgot to say: there’s not much of a story there, but I had fun with the little mysteries.

Why identical triplets? They’re sure as hell not saving the animator any work.
Who killed Eeyore and why?
Did they just sit down on thin air, like in that “what’s wrong with this picture” thread?

I wouldn’t mind seeing some more videos set in this world, extended universe-style.


It’s a very sensual animation style. Great color choices.


I didn’t see Eeyore in the final carnage shot. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

As for the cat trio’s seats, they’re on high stools that are very slightly lighter than the background, you can see them with gamma goggles.

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Do you mean the extremely low frame rate still manages to not be shitty?

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What I’m saying that they got a great strobe effect using a low frame rate that is perfectly synced with the music. A good example is the shot where the Zebra waitress first walks past the door when the cats come into the stripclub.


It’s gorgeous and sumptuous, but a high frame rate it has not.

Which is weird because some of the scenes have higher frame rate tweening… maybe they couldn’t find a decent solution between the rotoscoped keyframes?


It seems intentional to me. The low frame-rate strobe happens before the drop, I’m guessing to emphasize the beat visually while the 4x4 has stopped.

Also, Youtube doesn’t do variable framerates, so I’m guessing this was originally produced with multiple framerates and they had to lock the output to 30fps when it was exported for upload, which means they probably needed to have some kind of frame interpolation and that can get nasty…

Although really, I’m not a video production guy. I’m a codec and formats guy.

Also, I’d like to take a moment to gush over the choice of the Croc guys. It’s like… The perfect species for getting across lecherous ogling. Also they’re wearing Izod Lacoste shirts, which is a great little detail.


Strobe? There’s no flashing light so I guess you mean the tweening frame rate… which I guess is in keeping with an element of the beat… sometimes, maybe.

I’m watching it again with this in mind but I think perhaps the frame rate drop and increase from shot to shot within the same sequence is supposed to be slow-motion?

But even then there are shots within sequences which go from about 8-10 fps to 12-16 fps and then all the way up to about 24 fps without really implying slow motion. I think they just concentrated on the most visually arresting shots for higher tweened frame rates, like the first cat on dog attack… there are even shots where the blood spurts are tweened at a high frame rate (18-24 ish fps) whilst the underlying layer of the booth dancer is tweened more slowly (at about 8-12 fps).

I don’t know if I’m just being super picky, like I said the animation is gorgeous overall but I feel like even for slow motion shots, a higher frame rate actually accentuates the slow motion aspect, rather than detracting from it… which is what I see here.

Mind you, I’m just getting back into mocha tracking in order to do a rotoscoping project and all I can see in the world is tweened movement… d_d


Missed this! Awesome!


Hey, yeah. That’s an interesting one. Reminds me of anime techniques where a face might be animated at 8fps or so, while a moving car in the same shot moves along at the regular 24fps. Good catch.


Not unrelated.


Exactly. The whole thing is well done enough that it just works (for me) despite what could be a classic Hanna-Barbera “just make it worse, no one will know” low budget trick.

Same goes for the copy-pasted duplicate characters. And the obvious, low-fi rotoscoping.

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Great animation! Just as you say, not my favourite Caravan Palace track, but what a presentation. They do do good videos.

I love ruminating on that sort of thing. A French swing group using three-part vocal harmony: if I was animating them, it would be difficult not to think of triplets.

[Fun Chomet Fact: 45 minutes into that film, we catch a glimpse of a toilet bowl with a turd shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head floating in it.]

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